On the 15th of November, the South Node in Sagittarius, and North Node in Gemini are stationed 1 degree. What master plan did you create, and follow up to set in motion as a complete package? If not, start creating a service, a product, or learn a new skill or trade. Your passion comes natural to you which can bring you happiness and a stream of income to the table. We’re in a global reset which may result in a struggle to fight for our rights and protections in this seemingly spiritual warfare energy we’re in. The veil is thin and like the beauty and the beast this is where the beast has awakened and remembers who he is. I know some of you can feel your ancestors fighting your battles and chasing those negative spirits away. The spirit is stronger than the physical body. Keep up with the fight rather be it a win or lose. The fact of the matter is you fought a great fight. During the fight, you discarded old generational issues in order to start with a clean slate and be rewarded in return for putting up with the mess. Your ancestors or spirit guides are proud and the name-calling, losing a few folks is in part for your own growth and self-development. Question: How would you grade your Self-Esteem?

Capricorn:  Being grounded is the key this month and week while being true to yourself. Say no when needed, and don’t compromise yourself. Your plan is the best plan to follow. This week, sudden relationships may begin, be they financially, romantically, as people are likely to do favors for you just because. You can call it the divine Creator showering diamonds on you to compensate you for putting up with the cycle of being uncomfortable to build your strength, muscles, and faith. Well, done Cappy, you deserve it. Keep the fortitude going.

Aquarius: The saying “different strokes for different folks” has remained a true statement. Aquarius, you’re the odd one among your siblings and family members that choose to go a different path. It’s something that people don’t understand, only you do. As much as you love to follow the rules, you’re rebellious in your approach and willing to take a stand for what you believe in your heart is the right thing to do. Thus far, it has gotten you where you are today. Always remember your roots and where you come from including the process that got you there.

Pisces: How many bosses, leaders, CEOs, you’ve met with, or worked and exchanged information with in order to collaborate. This week listen to the information and reread the fine print for clarity. The same information applies to contracts, and upcoming meetings. Get your ideas out of your mind and transfer them onto paper. Also, speak up to get your point across. Watching comedy can elevate your spirits for a good laugh and makes common sense at the same time. You’re in a cycle where people may ask of you can they lend me, give me, or can you spare, or borrow funds from you. This cycle however indicates you making an investment in yourself and growth for a change.

Aries: The power of the imagination and visualization is a powerful tool just as simple as intentions go where energy flows. Messages can come forth by people inspiring and encouraging you in your endeavors. Keep a journal to record your vision, thoughts, and dreams, etc. It’s your week to find peace and solitude; and time away to replenish your energy. Relationships beginning this month will be scary and not public. New partnerships can be formed as well as resolve any semi-legal matters. Remember, everyone is not your friend. Your true friends have no problems pulling your coattails.

Taurus: It’s a week where renovation, remodeling, change of appearance, relocating also counseling, and even teaching are in the forecast. The focus is your health as this may be a double whammy on your ears, nose, throat, ankles, lower and upper back to keep an eye on. Besides this is a week for community outreach locally, or cross country, and simply advising your own family members. Special gifts, favors, or someone showing their appreciation are in your cosmic forecast.

Gemini: What lesson have you learned thus far? What’s your passion? What’s going on behind the scenes in your own neck of the woods? Are you being true to yourself and shedding away the old to empower yourself? During this week’s cycle, you’re popular where everyone wants to know who you are, what’s your name and what do you do? As for some people, they simply need to mind their own business. Listen more than you speak, as some people will manipulate information just to have you on the team. Ask questions as you can sense the deceptiveness through their body language and conversations. A picture can say a thousand words and certainly so does people’s intentions and actions.

Cancer: Your emotions this week may reach a boiling point, and overflow unleashing how you really feel. Be careful with your words and action at this time that you don’t go off the deep end offending people or let alone put yourself into a rut. Take a deep sigh to channel that same energy to remain calm to think before you act. A woman of influence may be the antidote to assist in your situation, to give you more insight into your present circumstances. Allow your creativity to be your outlet as well.

Leo: Mentally give yourself a break this week. Take at least two days due to the fact you may like to sleep a bit more to regenerate your cosmic flow. Who cares what people say about you? Your job is to keep them talking about what you’re doing as you walk in your purpose. When they see your results, those same people chopping their gums are the ones who will want to be on your team. Traveling internationally abroad, new alliances and adventures will open your eyes to a deeper meaning of who you are. This is a week indicating soul traveling if you are not able to travel. The cosmic force is with you beloved. 

Virgo: “Femme la bouche” this cycle is French for close your mouth. Relax, sit back and drink tea as the story unfolds right before your very eyes. You must like to hear yourself talk like an energizer bunny and still be critical of yourself. This week less is best. Pick up a new study, hit the gym to do some back and shoulder exercises. Be mindful of heavyweights however and that it doesn’t slip from your hands and drop on your ten toes. Ouch, that hurt and sting. Otherwise, find an outlet to create new ideas for your next project moving forward.

Libra: Don’t wobble but instead find stability in your zone and line of work to get through the toughness of this week. Romance, the home, finances, work, and peace of mind, are in your forecast. Create a plan of action and follow-through. As simple as that. Ask questions if you don’t know, and don’t meddle into other folks’ business unless you want the same done unto you. Whatever it is you want to know understand you just have to have some patience. Develop your craft into more avenues.

Scorpio: Think in terms of synchronicity and the cosmic flow sending you messages about rebirth, a demise, hidden secrets, as well as conversations, and the information flowing effortlessly to you. Take note like you’re the only student in the classroom given exclusive information. During this cycle let it go and allow it to flow. Take deep breaths and release all that you have been holding on to that no longer serves a purpose in your life.

Sagittarius: This is a week whereby you can set your intentions and apply the footwork. Some results may be developing and are noticeable while the remaining portion of them need more time to grow. Look to see what areas in your life at this point need growth or a disconnect. With patience and perseverance, you’ll advance to levels you never knew existed, leaving you filled with joy.

Copyright Kya French 2021

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