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On Nov. 14, 2021, all roads lead to the re-opening of Muhammad Mosque No. 7 in historic Harlem New York; and Mosque No. 7C in East New York, in the people’s Republic of Brooklyn.

Over a year and a half has gone by since the doors of Muhammad Mosques and study groups around the country have been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that swept the country and went worldwide in 2020.

In Harlem, where the historic Muhammad Mosque No.7 is located at 106 West 127th Street and where the much-loved and highly respected Min. Abdul Hafeez Muhammad, taught, counselled, held important summits with several elected officials, clergy, heads of street organizations and other leaders, before his untimely passing due to COVID-19 complications in April 2020, friends, family, guests, and supporters are invited to attend the inaugural re-opening to hear a special message delivered by Min.Arthur Muhammad entitled “The Dawn” of a new day, which will include messages and memories of his mentor, minister, and friend Abdul Hafeez Muhammad.

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, Min. Henry Muhammad, student minister at Mosque No. 7C (at 202 Pennsylvania Avenue, East New York), in the people’s Republic of Brooklyn said “As Salaam Alaikum everyone! The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has instructed us around the nation to re-open the doors of Muhammad Mosque! Join us in the Peoples Republic of Brooklyn, as we feed on ‘The Word of God.’”

All COVID safety protocols will be in effect.

Doors open @ 10:30 a.m. The program begins at 11am.

For more information call 347-267-2625 / or email:

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  1. the original Mosque #7 is Masjid Malik Shabazz in Harlem. KneeGrow Nazis are not Muslims. Hate groups are evil and being a black hate group don’t make it okay.

    1. Firstly hi, hate necessarily doesn’t mean it’s being evil, it can be good too. It’s two different things. One should hate those who oppress others. This kind of hate is love itself. The other side of the coin; just a simple metaphor to get you interested in logic and Islamic philosophy.

      “Black hate group”, what the paradise was that! Am not playing in your ground. You mentioned black, but I don’t consider you white, dig it! By the chocolate, specially dark one is healthy. Don’t drink, coffee, just take the white milk, ohh oh, in coffee there is sometimes milk, but people never mention the white milk, what is important is the coffee. By the way brown rice has fibre and more nutritious than white rice. Brown sugar is natural and organic but the white sugar is fake and inorganic and less healthy for society. The brown sugar is free but the white one is in the hands of zions…

      And a Muslim means being intellectual; islam equals intellect and your thinking ability to know friends and foes of intellect.

      And lastly is your knee okay, is it still, there growing Nazis, watch out for Zion growing, which grows only in brain and not in knee.

      1. By the way, ‘hite milk makes you sleepy but brown coffee keeps you awake and alert, great difference. Hope got some lesson how to use your word ” ‘lack “.

  2. Whether as salaam alaikum as salaam alaiumrakmajrullahbarakaratahu or shalom, or shalom. Hotep, namaste, ous, when the dearly beloved Minister Abdul Hafeez Muhammad had returned to Allah ( swt) the people did not act the same . I do not know who is the next Minister, Minister Henry Muhammad. But it isn’t the same as Minister Kevin Muhammad , a .k.a. Minister Abdul Hafeez Muhammad . It says a believer is alive even when dead, ye perceive it not.. In the holy Quran

  3. As-Salaam-Alaikum My name is Maryam Muhammad Jordan I along with my husband Azeem Jordan recorded a song called It’s Ramadan Again.I sent an email in to one of the Imam’s site but I got no response I am from Philadaelphia Masjidullah We are trying to get believers to purchase this CD for $10 or make a donation or if they can’t we can give it to them for free We feel every Muslim should have this song which can be played every year I would like to send a copy so it can be heard If you send me an email I can send it to you.Alhumduallah waiting to hear from you Shukron

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