Any little money way I get like dis, any little change––na enjoyment
No worry about my future
My future nor dey go anywhere
I go dey think about my future next year
Any little money, or little change – na enjoyment.”

Launching hundreds, if not thousands of Instagram and TikTok memes worldwide Ajibola Taiwo Alabi’s video has made this homeless man from Ibadan famous. With his poetic, and comical words set to scenes of delicious dishes like; jollof rice, moi moi, eba, pounded yam, ogbono, banga and okra soup, IG fans are living in the simple luxury of basic excess.

Under the stage name Tmiztaiwo, Alabi’s “Any little money, or little change––na enjoyment,” is a virtual verb.

This instagram @phebz.austin proclaimed “Godfather of Nigerian Tiki Tok,” told the Amsterdam News, “I use my words for comedy and motivation. I am from Ibadan, Lalupon local government, but I grew up in Lagos state, Lagos Island to be precise. Me and my family is homeless for now, but I still put on happy face. I don’t let that hold me down.”

In the vein of “problems nor dey finish,” people tune in for his daily motivational affirmations, and his homegrown words of wisdom in English, Yoruba, and Naija pidgin.

Alabi continued, “My stage name is Tmiztaiwo. I discovered my talent right from my secondary school days, which was all about music. I do go to a studio to freestyle my talent, and also go for battle rap competition. My very first important competition which boosted my morale was the battle rap that comes up at Ijora Badia…where I came first.”

On an upward trajectory, Alabi said life got in the way, and he had to suspend his dream for the time being.

“After which with all the up and down I decided to drop music because there was no money to sponsor myself. Later on I just cracked a joke one day, and I discovered that people laughed. Like then, I just decided to live the life of a funny guy. I cracked a joke about nobody is above being blocked, and to my surprise it went viral. I decide to utilize most of the things that is happening to me in life and convert them to comedy.” His self-deprecating and humble life observations have made him a growing star online.

“Na enjoyment is a noun,” said the 23-year-old, who also goes by the moniker Mr Enjoyments.
“I wish you got paid every time your clip is used,” said @molehasa.

Alabi couldn’t agree more, “I pray it happens soon. if you think I have money you doing yourself.”

He told the Amsterdam News, “I am just trying to help my mom and sister, and build my career. And I just want to motivate people.”

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