Howard University (93811)
Howard University

University High School in Newark is partnering with Howard University and the National Education Equity Lab to offer high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to take courses offered by the university to earn college credits.

The course titled “Principles of Criminal Justice” provides an introduction to the criminal justice system and a foundation for future study. In the course, students will be able to explore concepts of the criminal justice system and be encouraged to think critically about issues emerging in the 21st century media. They will also be able to debate current topics relevant to the principles of criminal justice while considering the range of policies currently in place.

“Priority 2 of The Next Decade 2020-30 outlines the importance of executing curricula for college and career programs with fidelity. This renowned partnership does that,” said Superintendent León. “We are excited about this partnership and the opportunity it provides our students.”

The program is designed for students who are curious about law, sociology, or social justice. Students who join the program will be eligible to earn high school credit along with college credit from the university as dual credit. The course will be taught by Dr. Bahiyyah Muhammad.

“To be the first high school in the city of Newark offering a dual enrollment opportunity with a Historically Black College or University––Howard University––is extremely significant,” said Principal Genique Flournoy-Hamilton. “Not only does it provide our scholars with the experience of taking a college course while in high school, but it also reaffirms the importance of their value and expands their perspective about opportunities that exist at this great institution and other HBCUs where their experiences are acknowledged and validated by those who are serving as their professors.”

Participating students will meet during their regular class period and will be overseen by a co-teacher who will act in a facilitation and coaching role. To further support students, co-teachers will be invited to participate in regular check-ins where they will share information and engage in conversations with other teachers across the country.

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