A mirror reflection of what occurred late June into July seems to be the theme, but with a bit more bang, more shake, explosives, and unfamiliar situations coming to the surface. As we approach this Full Moon weekend in Taurus, the unanticipated, and unforeseen in some form or fashion, are underway. A rebirthing process is taking place to release, renew, and transform life into a new way of living. Nothing remains the same. It’s only gets better as time goes by. Everything has an expiration date, down to the canned goods in your home, and this includes your entry and exit date in life as well including friendships, partnerships, and even the memberships and the like.

Capricorn: Cappy, you’re entering a miraculous cycle that jump-started on Nov. 5, when Venus transited into your sign, and will end on March 6, 2022. Within this duration, Venus will retrograde from Dec. 19th to Jan. 29th, 2022. Be attentive to the signals your body is sending you. Also, relationships in all aspects will be heightened or canceled, or a form of compensation of something forthcoming. During Venus retrograde, do the bare minimum when it comes to clothes, homes, makeup, even surgery until after the retrograde cycle. Focus on YOU and your health, wealth and beauty. Go on a diet, and put more into your work, family, and home. Your senses and aura are heightened, and in addition, safeguard your energy field. It’s about going with the flow of life.

Aquarius: Trying to find the right words to convey at times can be like pulling teeth when you’re at a loss for words. Study the fabric of your feelings, then tune into your inner world to listen and feel the message that’s being conveyed to you. You have another entity that’s ready to come out, so grab a pen and paper to record those crispy ideas, and concepts you want to will into fruition. You have to put in the work to make it happen.
Pisces: The magic has begun. Now people can see what you’ve been doing behind the scenes, as you have been working secretly in silence on your craft. The product is here, and people are likely to be asking you what, when, where, and the 411 on your whereabouts. Joe Louis was quoted saying: “He can run, but he can’t hide.” Your plans are complete now and it’s about time to come out of your cocoon and brightly showcase your talent and the other skill sets you have to offer.

Aries: What reflection do you see when you look in the mirror? What kind of image are you projecting when people see you? Any semi-legal matters, partnerships, forms, paperwork, even getting back to your studies is now coming into the light. Withdraw from the world to have a one-on-one meeting with yourself and allow the spirit realm to assist you on your journey. Walk this journey by faith not by sight with the knowledge your intuition is a powerful tool for your divine protection.

Taurus: Your dreams, visions, and perceptions are changing as you take note of the details you’re receiving this week. Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? Are you satisfied with what you see and become? If yes, that’s great. If not, begin to work on the areas where you want to see improvements. This is also the week to disengage from the world, and that can include traveling where there’s the sandy beach and viewing the amazing sunset; or finding a place within your home where you can lay back, breath, and rejuvenate. A hot bath, or steaming shower, or simply enjoy a great time in the sauna if possible.

Gemini: Spreading yourself too thin isn’t in your best interest this week as your cycle is likely to be a busy one while attending to responsibilities and other obligations. Check-in on your immediate family to see what’s going on. Think about the women in your life who’ve played a significant role and helped, shaped, and molded you into building the character you have become. Honor them in some way, or shape, or form. Remember, your upbringing––just don’t relive the journey, only a peek as there’s a lesson you can learn from the memory.

Cancer: This cycle month it’s time to discard the old, cancelations, as well as mixing and mingling with family members, friends, or joining some form of club or membership. The spotlight is on your reputation as far as your goals, and self-investments in life for growth are concerned. What do you want to do differently in your life or areas that may need a makeover? Put the brakes on the revolving door if it’s not giving you what you need. You have to be hungry enough to know what you want, and when to stop.

Leo: The feeling of winning is an amorous one to keep fueling the engine taking you to cloud 9. Yes, in the clouds where the angels bring you exclusive knowledge. Write down the details as information is manifesting in your daily aspects this week. When the knowledge reveals itself, that’s your cue to recognize, stay on point, and turn up the heat of your purpose and where it’s occurring.

Virgo: Many things are changing, and even your own reflection and circle of friends are evolving ––whereas some aren’t. People have to seek help if they want to change. However, you keep walking in your purpose as you’ll be able to see the tremendous progress from where you started. It’s funny, when those on top are suddenly on the bottom, like an upside-down pineapple cake, or a sock-it-to cake. Peeping into other folks’ business may be unnecessary as the wait-and-see game is better. Follow up on you.

Libra: Consider this a laid-back kind of week to take a back seat to unwind and simply be you. It’s a time to go down the rabbit hole but on a deeper level of knowing who you are. Ask yourself a question and give it a date and time to receive an answer. This is also a fact-finding week for you to get the answers you seek. Also, a groundbreaking period to further discover who you are, your spouse, and your partnerships. There may be a sudden meeting of some kind revealing itself to you confirming a situation. This week may seem a little unusual as the people and conversations you engage in are heartfelt.

Scorpio: You’re able to see people’s true colors, let alone know what’s happening internally deep inside. This cycle week may directly affect your plans due to unexpected family/work affairs. Since the Full Moon is in Taurus, the question becomes what you need to release, rearrange, reconstruct in your life that will give you inner peace. As you begin to release, write down what you want within the next two weeks and simply work on it. The situation is what it is and you can change it by creating the outcome you want in your life.

Sagittarius: The sun is shining in your feelings and spilling over like a cup full of joy. As Scorpio season is ending shortly, and the Sagittarius season is on the rise, you have a lot to be thankful for. Demand and expect what it is you want to receive in Sag season. Plant your seeds now while the sun is in a water sign. Ask questions or research if you don’t already have the answer. You are known to be the scholar who carries a wealth of knowledge in that mind of yours. It’s about how you’re utilizing that knowledge in your own craft is the answer.

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