On Nov. 13, 2021, the Trey Whitfield School (TWS) hosted a Community Clean-Up Day. Principal Alfonzo Forrest, CEO & co-founder of TWS AB, alongside teachers, staff, parents, students, local leaders, and youth volunteers brought out the brooms, picks, shovels, power tools and garbage bags and got to work in the heart of East New York, Brooklyn.

Whitfield stated that “if we want a better and stronger community for our babies we must come together and not just work to build them but show our children how to work together to build them. What we are doing today is coming together as a community to better our environment.” The cleanup was supported by the office of NYS Senator Roxanne J. Persaud, in-coming City Council member Sandy Nurse, The Local Development Corporation of East New York (LDCENY), NYPD 75 Precinct Explorers, Meta Logic Strategic Consulting, and the amazing staff over at the NYC Department of Sanitation Brooklyn Lot Cleaning. Over 500 pounds of garbage was removed from the blocks surrounding the TWS. Community organizer Jean Regnier, of Meta Logic Strategic Consulting, said that “We got a lot done today but still have so much more to do.” The cracked and unlevelled sidewalks are a safety hazard for students walking to school, the tree limbs are hanging low enough to touch the top of an individual’s head. There are constantly abandoned cars parked in front of the school or on the block.” Future Community neighborhood beautification events are planned and will include partners such as Neighborhood Opportunity Network (NeON Works), Consolidated Transit, and Belmont Metals. Lights on Hinsdale will involve a tree lighting ceremony to kick off the holiday season. With the support of parents, community members and partners, the TWS community would like to see all of East New York in bright holiday lights.

Trey Whitfield School is an independent private school that has served the East New York and neighboring communities of Brooklyn for over 30 years. TWS’s mission is to equip our students for life by providing an affordable, high-quality education in a safe, loving and respectful environment that also nurtures the development of faith and character. For more info, email info@treywhitfieldschool.org or call 718-342-7722.

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