Neptune in Pisces stationed direct on Dec 1, the nodes of the Moon are now stationed at 0 degrees on Dec 4 before transiting to north node in Taurus and south node in Scorpio. In the movie, “Hidden Figures,” when John Glenn is in space making his orbits before landing, he was experiencing the “no-go, go-zone,” where things can suddenly occur, good or indifferent and cause physical damage all the while completing its orbits around the moon and preparing for an earth landing. If you’re currently in a situation, or decision-making process wanting to end old ways to begin new, etc., then make your MOVES and stick to the plan to see results. The veil is thin just like when the moon is entering a solar eclipse when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are in alignment blocking the Sun’s light. It’s time to build a new world and move ahead with force like when women shook up and shifted the workforce beginning in the late 1950s. “If they don’t give you a seat at the table bring a folding chair.” Shirley Chisholm

Capricorn: Revealing information is likely to come through conversation resulting in grasping a better understanding of a situation in your life. Some impressions of people will feel like an illusion, so it’s best to decipher what’s real and false even though the information can have a profound fact-finding meaning to it. Be in gratitude with the feeling of thankfulness bringing joy each day with confirmation in your day, your week, and month, etc. Identify with being in love with yourself while Venus is in your sign.

Aquarius: The work you do in the community, plus the work you do within the comfort of your home, could spread like wildfire. When you’re in public places, speaking or simply on the phone in passing, etc. other people hearing you may be holding on to your every word and spreading it by word of mouth. Protect your ears, throat, neck, and head. Follow up with home activities, work duties, and taking better care of yourself before you begin your day.

Pisces: Show yourself off but not in the way of being a showoff. A person who knows their craft can articulate well and deliver a powerful heartfelt message. We have a purpose, and this week you’re sure of yourself. As you help one another in return you’re likely to be rewarded when the time comes, and you’ll know. Your memory may be jogged regarding meeting someone new, and where you feel a familiar feeling of someone you’ve met before. Otherwise, it’s through conversing with other like-minded people within your daily commute that a connection comes.

Aries: Who is your support system and the people you confide in to share your experiences and stories with? People who are not in your everyday life yet know you better than those new friends of yours. As the time adjusts to consuming daylight savings, you need to fall back and learn your truth by writing down those thoughts that spring forward on your agenda. Information and ideas come fast, and some come slower to get you into alignment to learn a lesson for your own growth. Women perhaps will be your aid to get you through the breakthrough process.

Taurus: Now that you feel reawakened and full of zestful energy, tackle your daily tasks to accomplish them with flying colors. Organization is the key to you being on time and in good shape. Don’t allow others to consume your time, as you’ll need a quick pause in your schedule for some “me time.” This is an outstanding week to do outstanding things on an extraordinary scale, even attending charity and other social events.

Gemini: Are you questioning your plans or forming new partnerships, as well as solving any semi-legal matters this week? Education plays a factor this week if you’re thinking of taking up a new study, be it an online course. Perhaps thinking to deep dive into mystical information where usually folks leave it untouched due to its occult mystery. Don’t worry Gemini, you love to learn. What’s unlearned can be learned to utilize the facts & figures in the right manner. Stay on your path and carry on.

Cacner: Enough is enough as the feeling to step up to a higher calling is steadily approaching you. In a short time, it’s going to make you, or break you to make your move in the direction you finally wish to go. Sometimes you got to play checkmate to step into the light. The energy pulling on you can cause mood swings in your behavior, be it crying, jogging a memory, or conversations that spark insights into your reasoning. All that’s great to get you into universal alignment with your calling. Don’t waste time pondering. Do something about it!

Leo: This week’s cycle is a game-changer for the purpose of your personal growth and development for the team. Investors, sponsors, etc. are likely to keep supporting a great cause. Stay on track with your purpose, and weed out distractions, deadweights, and non-nonsensical, superficial folks. Who was there when you were at the bottom, in the beginner’s stage? Now, you’re at the finished line or at least a few short distances away from your destination. Keep thriving even when you’re there and grab another ladder to keep climbing. The people around you will uplift you due to you uplifting them as well.

Virgo: This is a great moment this particular week to cherish the memories of a project being fulfilled. A transformative period that brings you “an ahh’ moment of rebirthing of self. Financially, romantically, you’re entering a popularity cycle as your name keeps circulating among your peers or those hearing your name come up in conversation for a job well done. Continue to keep up the good work: the kind of work that one accomplishes as there are many more to be fulfilled moving forward.

Libra: The brick and mortar of your foundation is ready for its grand opening or finalizing all the details. If you’re not ready for the new adventure ahead, then get back on track, focus, and stay the course. You have a new program to begin. This is the cycle where you bring your A-game and showcase your skills as an individual Boss. Listen to your intuition as your gut feelings direct you to do something or to go send you in a different direction.

Scorpio: People will always have something to say and so does your intuition. Your hunches are strong, do follow up and go with the flow. Some folks will seek information from you just to tie up your time as information will come to you. This is a great cycle to go within and open the dialogue to communicate with the divine. You’ll find yourself wanting to be alone, and as a result, while you’re working hang the “do not disturb” sign on your door or somewhere else where it’s visible to avoid interruptions. That includes silencing your phone.

Sagittarius: “I’m feeling myself” is likely your theme as the sun shines all its glory in your zodiac sign this month. Wake up, wake up and get to it in this 31-day cycle. What does your heart’s desire, state your demand, and your wish is thy command? Apply yourself with that wish you order to work so the universal energy can work with you. It’s a spiritual bond that you don’t want to lose. Come up with as many ideas to start a new adventure within your business. Simply create and write down your master plan for your next venue then get to work to see your success.

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