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In this moment of giving, we hope that those insurrectionists charged in the attack on the Capitol last Jan. 6 get what’s coming to them. To date, 702 people have been arrested and charged with crimes, making this one of the most documented crimes in U.S. history.

The FBI is still seeking a countless number of marauders who were able to do damage and walk away from the destruction and death they left behind. They were summoned by Trump and provoked in their swarm on the epitome of our democracy, wielding all sorts of weapons they used to break windows, smash doors, generally run amok and create a dangerous situation. Thus far, 129 rioters have entered guilty pleas.

We applaud the FBI for a change in poring over footage, social media platforms, and other data that could lead to the apprehension of others who took part in the mayhem.

It is unfortunate that the House of Representatives were unable to vote in a commission to investigate the incident, a measure blocked by Republicans, many of whom were just as vulnerable as Democrats during the tumult.
There is probably little chance that all of those involved will be brought to justice, but those now under arrest should feel the full brunt of the law for their so-called patriotic chaos. In many respects their unlawful action was very similar to the vigilantism of the McMichaels, William Bryan, and Kyle Rittenhouse.

Year after year, month after month—no, day after day—we witness yet another violent attack in which people have chosen to take the law into their own hands, and far too often with impunity.

We were pleased that some measure of justice arrived with the convictions in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, but this was a senseless crime and there is no amount of grieving and compensation that can replace his loss to family and friends.
Our sentiments are extended to the families who lost two valued citizens in Kenosha, where a killer claimed he was under attack and had to defend himself.

To see him standing proudly and smiling with Trump is an insult to injury, a place that many of the raiders on Jan. 6 would probably gladly share—and Trump would warmly embrace them.
If the insurrectionists choose to pose with Trump let them all be behind bars and facing long terms of incarceration.

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  1. Dear Amsterdam News Editorial,

    The board has been set, and the pieces are in motion. A civil war has begun in this country and the victors will write history. At this point it has become a necessity for your institution to publish libel in order to protect yourselves. The members of this Editorial board understand clearly that if Americans are successful at defeating the treasonous scum which plague our government, media, and institutions, that “Nuremberg” trials will be held and they will be made accountable for the libel that they have published and the harm that they have brought onto innocent Americans.

    You have picked your side, there is no turning back. So you better keep on lying. By all means, continue to prop up the imperialist international regime which is forming. Because if it fails, there won’t be a corrupt system to protect you. Perhaps you’ll find yourselves lucky enough to never see justice in your lifetimes, we’ll see… every lie told incurs a debt to the truth.

    History will remember you as daemons who figuratively lynched a poor boy for the crime of defending himself and his community from vicious terrorists.

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