With practical application in time, you can’t help but to fulfill your dreams, visions, and be on a mission guaranteed to win. Information, ideas, and the things you need will come to you rather quickly, and sometimes slow. TRUST THE PROCESS. When you feel like the universe is not on your side, you’ll have given up on yourself. HOWEVER, demand to ask and to write out what you need, and not just want. Don’t doubt, although you may at first fear the Universe, it sometimes tests you to see if you do want it bad enough as you eat, live, and breathe. When you believe, the cosmic energy shows up bearing gifts or directing you on your path with sudden and unforeseen meetings and events. Don’t cry over spilled milk as the nodes of the moon are shifting from Gemini and Sagittarius to its Taurus and Scorpio axis. The whole world will feel this shift even more so with the influence of Uranus in Taurus making things intense with a bit of a shake and a bang with a rebuttal with trembling effects. A temporary drought season may be upon us as well due to the earth’s transformation in its climate, agriculture, and economics.

Capricorn: Meditation is a great source to utilize as you can sense the energy of an inner knowing. A knowing of a soul mate, relationships by telepathy, by a conversation, as well as communicating or speaking to your inner guides for assistance. Release any karmic ties from the past such as an “ex,” outdated stagnant relationships, including irresponsibility or flawed financial obligations. In its place begin to trim the fat and discard unnecessary items so that it allows you to get into a new space.

Aquarius: Start this month out with a goal in mind to set a solid foundation. Review three times or more before completing your work. Your immediate circle of friends will be your greatest help and those you network with by long distance. You may experience an uncomfortable feeling to get you into the groove to proceed to the next stage in the process. By far, this month is very significant as Jupiter in Aquarius exits your sign by Dec. 29, leaving you with a gift for putting up with unique and recent innovative circumstances. If you did the work, you’re greatly appreciated, and the feeling is mutual. For the newbies or beginners, start now.

Pisces: Your schedule requires an enormous amount of work to facilitate this week. December is one busy time. In your mind, you know what to do; however, start connecting the dots and making the phone calls or scheduling meetings of the minds with the collective. Waste no time as this month’s effect is slow with some up-in-the-air moments that require you to focus on what you already know or have in your possession. Have some patience to process the information at hand.

Aries: Take things to the next level by making it known that the final product is now ready to launch. Clear out the old and renew your perspective and open your heart to walk towards your goals in life. When you want better, you do better, or continue to go in the same cycles producing the same results differently. It’s not worth it, don’t exhaust yourself. Ditch it and let it burn as it will soon fade away. Motivate yourself to find new interests, or study something new.

Taurus: Changes are now within arm’s reach. One that’ll complement your work ethic while building your network and social status. Communication is the key rather than by speaking to family members, community engagements, or advocating for a cause that uplifts the women in your life by sharing your story. With Uranus in Taurus, it allows you to tap into your creative side and guide you on your purpose in an electrifying way.

Gemini: There appears to be a shake-up within your foundation coming this week. It’s more of an awakening of the mind to get yourself together and advance to the next level. Where do you see yourself within the next 3 to 6 months? What transformation are you willing to take as the node of the moon is changing from Gemini & Sagittarius into Taurus & Scorpio. Wake up as the knowledge of truth is flowing in the air, traveling as fast as lightning strikes. It’s prime time for you to get to the meat and potatoes of matters.

Cancer: New beginnings are the theme for December with the feeling of being more alive with euphoric energy. Now’s the time to get rid of the old with a possibility of relocating, or reorganizing the home, and retiring clothes you can’t fit into anymore. Purging is necessary if you’re feeling the need to restore your battery to upgrade into a renewed version of yourself. Time equals patience and patience equals time. How you invest your time determines your outcome in life.

Leo: December is filled with opportunities to reach new heights beyond the sun, moon, stars, and space. Everyone has obstacles in life that transition us onto a new journey to be well seasoned, then given a new assignment. What new adventures are you planning to build and create? You are a leader within your family, friends, and circle of a community network. A new door is opening ready for you to walk through either prepared or unprepared. Life will always be a learning experience to sharpen your skills like sharpening a pencil.

Virgo: Creating ideas that lead to building systems that last longer is the key. We are natural-born creators and build this world with our hands once the mind believes it, conceives it and is ready to achieve the goal in mind. The cycle this week sets the tone of what you’re establishing. Dig up some of those ideas that you’ve set on the back burners that are ready to be applied into a class, or online course, etc. Decision-making can be easy when you go with the flow and trust your gut feeling.

Libra: Think of taking a course or going back to school for the purpose of finding an outlet to brand yourself. This cycle suggests you discover another way to brainstorm your ideas and then create your blueprint for success. Things are occurring swiftly mainly centering around work and your community outreach. Expand yourself and reach out to learn about other people’s expertise. You may even be asking yourself whether you need a mentor.

Scorpio: Be selective with whom you share information with as some folks have loose lips that sink ships. It’s a cycle that suggests that something is coming to an end to begin a fresh start in areas of your life. It’s a soul-searching quest, where it’s about asking the question, what’s the meaning of life and your journey. Are you fulfilling your purpose? Spiritually, you may feel connected as you’re receiving some form of insight from your spirit guides, so pay close attention. Take heed therefore to the guidance and details given.

Sagittarius: A slow process is better than a fast one this week to gather and sort the information as some comes fast and some slow. It’s a great week to fulfill one of your goals while doing your homework including follow-ups. Sketch or layout your top 5 things you want to achieve then divide them into individual entities. This new month suggests you’d better schedule time for a short timeout to work on these entities every day, and by the end of the month, you’ll have a clearer and brighter picture.

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