1) Marquis Studios brings the arts through education to schools and groups like Sanctuary for Families. They serve schools that have had the arts stripped away and share education & innovation through experienced teaching staff. www.marquisstudios.org

2) Harlem Children’s Zone is on the ground helping educate children and giving life-changing opportunities that build futures. www.hcz.org

3) Sanctuary for Families provides services for families that face violence and hardship. They have homes for those who need to be in safe houses. 212-349-6009. www.sanctuaryforfamilies.org

4) PA’LANTE Harlem Inc. helps with housing issues and provides assistance for those who need advocates. It stands for People Against Landlord Abuse & Tenant Exploitation. www.palanteharlem.org

5) The World Wildlife Fund is all about conservation. They lead the way in protecting the planet and its natural resources. www.worldwildlife.org

TOP PICK: YOU––Charity starts with each of us. Consider everyday saying to a random person as you walk: “Happy holidays.” It will make them feel cared for and spread light. It costs nothing, but has power. If every reader once a day did this, think of how bright the world could be…

woman holding box with inscription donate in light room
Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

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