1) Catan Jr 6+ Catan Studio $17.99. Be the 1st person to control 7 pirate hideouts and win this modified Catan game! www.catan.com

2) The Crew: The Quest For Planet Nine 10+ Thames & Kosmos $14.99. 3-5 players can play this strategy card game that needs teamwork to complete 50 different space missions.  www.thamesandkosmos.com

3) Tetris 8+ Buffalo Games $19.99. 2-4 players can explore the classic video game in board game fashion! www.buffalogames.com

4) Rhyme Antics $27.99. Hysterical rhyming vocab game that is inspired by hip hop. www.rhymeantics.com

5) 5 Second Rule Disney Version 6+ PlayMonster $24.99. 300 Disney questions on 150 cards that have players in seconds answer fun Disney questions to win! www.playmonster.com

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