1) Diamond Infused Non-Stick 9 Piece Baking Set Wilton $78.99. Easy to clean, simple to use, the sensational bake set includes 2 circular pans, muffin pan, 1 oblong pan with cover, utensils, and sheet pan. www.wilton.com

2) AMR515 Juicer by AI COK $85. Have a healthy holiday with this sturdy juicer that makes juicing a joy! www.aicookhome.com

3) Pasta & Noodle Maker by Philips $399.95. This small kitchen appliance easily makes the pasta after you place the ingredients in the machine! www.usa.philips.com

4) Dracula Garlic Mincer by Ototo $18.99. This adorable garlic mincer is shaped as your favorite vampire! Too cute! www.animicausa.com

5) Stainless Steel Caribou set by Marta Cromwell for 2 $20. Put marshmallows and chocolate on your mugs with this fun set. www.UncommonGoods.com

Bonus Gift idea for the Baker: Tilt-N-Turn Ultra Cake Turntable Cake Decorating Stand by Wilton $89.99. This is essential for every cake decorator! www.wilton.com

Diamond Infused Non-Stick 9 Piece Baking Set Wilton

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