A mental shift is taking place like shifting gears in your car. Are you shifting into drive, neutral, reverse, or just parked waiting for directions from the Divine Creator to make your MOVE? Not all of us can move at the same time as everyone has their own personal cycles and transits for sudden changes to appear, or see results. Your results are based on what kind of due diligence you’ve applied as the outcome can come in many shapes to get you in alignment with the cosmic energy. How many times does the Divine Creator have to pull your coattail before you fall into unnecessary circumstances? Venus in Capricorn retrogrades at 26 degrees, then stations direct at 11 degrees on Jan. 29, 2022. Review from Nov. 18 up to Dec. 19 what transpires in your life, then you’ll receive a clearer picture of what’s occurring during Venus retrograde.

Capricorn: Visualization is the key to manifesting what you want in your life. Each day strive to do good; also write down your ideas and then work on them. In time, you’ll see results that will keep you motivated to reach any goals in your life. Anticipate a feeling of spiritual renewal or a reward in some form of way, be it receiving data within your dreams or being encouraged by others and experiencing sudden meetings with folks who bring a unique perspective. Publishing, writing, traveling, and researching information is in the forecast this week. Relax.

Aquarius: This week is a game-changer when it comes to accomplishing important tasks. Traveling short or long distances is in your forecast; be it running errands or hearing the 411 traveling to you from afar. There may be feelings of being pulled here and there; be sure to stay focused and schedule increments of time out for self. Amazing concepts come to you and can be included in your projects. Include physical exercises with your back, shoulders, and less on your hips. A brisk walk outside in nature is a great reliever from all the work you’re creating. Plan a massage before Venus goes into retrograde on Dec. 19, 2021.

Pisces: You have the plan, now follow up with the footwork to build a solid foundation. Strengthen your mental and emotional muscles to physically get you in the groove. Sing, dance, hum, turn on inspirational and motivational speeches to elevate you in getting the job done. You may want to move in a different direction yet there’s a pull, a nudge, even a detour, or a conversation you need to hear to steer you in the right direction.

Aries: Letting go was last week’s theme. Are you ready to move on and do something totally new now? Forming new alliances and partnerships is one way to fulfill your tasks. Change is fabulous, and the process is even more remarkable due to you moving from what was comfortable to uncomfortable to build a new chapter in your life. This week indicates traveling, sending an invitation for invite-only, dinner for one, or rock climbing, you name it. Outline your new vision and where you wish to go.

Taurus: Listen to your inner guide without any reluctance as you’re already feeling the need to reach out to a certain someone, a partner, or colleague for better understanding. Go straight to the source as information will be revealed with further clarity. What are your dreams and visions informing you of, that’ll soon materialize right before your very eyes with a twist for you to paint the picture for your own discernment? Listen to your intuitive nature.

Gemini: Your senses and memory are on point this week. These memories that are surfacing are sending you a message to comprehend a time of your life when you seek help or grasp a better grip on yourself. Taking a stand on what you believe in also acknowledging the role you played in your affairs. Don’t beat around the bush to find the information; it’s best to be direct in your approach with individuals. Spend time alone to figure out where you need to reconstruct your life for the better.

Cancer: Now’s the time you begin a clean slate in some aspects of your life. You’re feeling rejuvenated along with an energy that’s been lagging until you decided to pursue a goal in mind. Self-improvement is a major part of everyone’s growth to thrive and explore our natural talents. What natural talents do you possess that can earn you a passive income? Begin to improve your craft as we can all learn through trial and error before it becomes polished.

Leo: Unresolved issues may surface this cycle, be it water-related, missing information, business affairs unbalanced, or uncertainty about a situation that needs time to develop. Advice from a wise woman can be useful or seeking your own inner guidance to direct your steps on the right path. Your stomach may be sensitive this week so be mindful of certain foods that look delicious but that leave a distasteful abdominal feeling. Drink plenty of water.

Virgo: A tug-of-war that’s pulling like the Uranus in Taurus effect is guiding you to take a leap of faith to jump on the bandwagon. Honesty is the key to any friendships, relationships, affairs if you sincerely want to build. Be sure you are coming from the side of truth, and that nothing less is to be taken seriously. Don’t waiver from your plans if you want to see successful results.

Libra: A heart-to-heart conversation is needed if you sincerely want to clear the air this week. Speak your truth even if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Decisions about arranging or adding a new partner to build a stronger team are on the rise also it may be in question. When you don’t know how things are going to work out, it’s best to create a trial and error start date with an end date. From there you’ll know whether it’s a go or not.

Scorpio: Looking in the mirror is powerful as some people can’t look in the mirror realistically. It’s a reflection of how you invest in yourself, and do you like what you see? If changes need to be made within your identity, then start the process by taking things one step at a time. Be impactful in your due diligence to inspire yourself and others along your journey. You’re the Creator of your destiny, and you can change your status at any moment when you cosmically apply yourself.

Sagittarius: What do you personally and presently value the most in your life at this moment? You have discovered a new talent that you can share your story with to uplift people to be an advisor in your field. The nudge and change of your mood swings that you’re feeling are to fine-tune you into the cosmic energy to open dialogue and ask or receive information from divine sources. Build the foundation you want by organizing your skillset into specialized categories to begin your new assignment.

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