1) Call My People Tag by Trill Paws $28. The metal tag has room for essential info and has a fun design. It is a Black-owned business to support. Also: Cuban Link Gold Chain Collar by Trill Paws $46. This is the ultimate bling collar to pimp out your precious pet! www.Trillpaws.com

2) Aniac Pet Christmas Costume $13.99. Your pet will be holiday stylin in this festive outfit that is fit for social media pics! www.amazon.com

3) Dog Bed by Casper $152.10. Durable dog mattress so Fifi or Fido can have sweet dreams. Comes in powder blue. www.casper.com

4) Pets Know Best ®HuggiePup™ from Allstar Innovations $29.99. Plush with heat pack helps calm pets while real-feel pulsing heartbeat is for comfort. www.huggiepup.com

5) Stellar Cat Bed by Tuft and Paw $299. Award-winning cat bed that has modern design and is built for comfort. www.tuftandpaw.com

Call My People Tag by Trill Paws

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