1) Pixicade Digital Game Maker 6+ $19.88. BitOGenius Learn how to make your own video games on any white surface with this kit that comes with washable markers, 3 books, 2 QR codes, & stickers. It is as easy as Draw, Snap, and then Play to make over 1000 games! Games can be shared with your friends and in the arcade! www.pixicade.com

2) Paper Butterflies 7+ Crayola $12.97. Make 12 butterflies with this colorful paper STEAM kit. Learn about butterflies as you craft! www.crayola.com

3) Robo Max 7+ LukiLab $59.99. STEM authenticated T-Rex set that stands over 3 ft tall with lights and sound. If you build this beast, he will play! www.lukilab.com

4) Artie Max 9+ Educational Insights $99.99. Code and color with this bot that has lights and sound. With edge detection, the 3 markers will not go all over. www.educationalinsights.com

5) Hexmods Pro Series Elite Raceway $14+ Hexbug $89.99. 150+ piece playset with over 20 ft of track for the hobby grade RC to zoom down. www.hexabugs.com

Pixicade Digital Game Maker

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