1) iPhone 13 Pro by Apple $999.99. This megaphone has an A15 processor, new Telephoto camera features a 77 mm focal length & 3x optical zoom, takes macro video & stills, 6x optical zoom range across the system, ability to shoot vivid clear video, & has a long battery life. It has up to 1TB of storage, custom OLED technology, all-new 5-core GPU, new CPU performance & efficiency cores, and a ridiculously fast neural engine. To sum it up, this phone is mind-blowing! www.apple.com

2) Vivomove HR Rose Gold Touchscreen Hybrid Smartwatch by Garmin $349.99. Fits wrists 125-196mm with hidden touchscreen display and real watch hands. It has 24/7 heart rate monitoring, wellness monitoring tools for stress, and has a long battery life. It comes in multiple colors and really is great for those that are health conscious and want to be plugged in. www.garmin.com

3) WH 1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Over the Ear Headphone by Sony $349.99. Comfortable long wear headphones with a speak-to-chat feature, 5 built in microphones, ability to pair with 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously, and comes in 3 colors. Google and Alexa compatible www.sony.com

4) Smart Mug by Ember $129.99. Keep your hot drinks hot with this smart mug for over an hour! Great to make tea in! www.ember.com  

5) Elipsa E-Reader by Kobo $399.99. This e-reader has 300 PPI, an easy to see 10.3” touch screen that one can take notes on with their stylus pen, dark & light modes, 32GB storage, supports 15 different file formats, & works with USB-C charging devices. This is terrific for work and for students on the go! www.kobo.com

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