The answer is simple. It is the gift that the person wants. It is the gift that the giver can afford. It is something that will do exactly what it is supposed to and not break. It makes memories and brings joy. The Amsterdam Elves have looked at many gifts and have tried to include a diverse grouping here. We were very cost conscious this year. So, while every gift on the list may not be for you, we hope that they inspire ideas and new options for our readership. There are many companies that are local and small businesses that could use your support this holiday season. Please note that all the products have been tested, vetted, and found to be innovative.

Some gifts, though, do not come wrapped in paper or with a shiny bow. What is truly hot this holiday is the gift of joy. With so many families in need now, charities such as Marquis Studios and Sanctuary for Families could use all of our help. Sometimes giving brings the greatest happiness to the soul. When I recently read a story about Abraham Olagbegi, a 13-year-old boy who gave away his wish that Make A Wish wanted to give him to feed the needy in Mississippi, I saw the Christmas spirit alive and well. I contacted some of the companies on this list and asked them to give this bright light some happiness back. Within moments of the email going out, both BitOGenius and WowWee asked what they could send. For those that are reading this article with a heavy heart, know that the Christmas/Holiday spirit is out there and cannot be extinguished. Together, as a community, we have gone through much recently, but together, we can and will find light this season. Together, our community is strong and solid! That is a great gift.

Please remember: Prices below will vary depending on if you shop online or in stores. Shop around for the best prices. Be mindful of the age grades on toys for kids. They are there to protect little ones.

Whatever you celebrate, may it be filled with fun, laughter, and love. Happy and HEALTHY holidays to all and to all an epic 2022!!!

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