The cosmic flow is ending 2021 with a bang, with Venus in Capricorn, retrograde at 23 degrees, Uranus in Taurus, retrograde at 10 degrees, Jupiter is in Pisces at 0 degrees, also the Taurus/Scorpio axis at 29 degrees of the nodes of the moon. The elements present are earth, air, fire, and water. The energy is slightly calm, grounded, and loving, where we’re preparing for the New Year, rising into a new day with a few shakes and quivers in the ground with Mother Earth’s water breaking, about to give birth.  Finalize your new goals, agenda, and what direction you’re heading in 2022. Keep your faith uplifted, elevating you to new levels of being woke and aware. Similar to the beast, in Beauty in the Beast, the beast learned to love and value himself, and in return, the beast woke up due to the love of self, and for another human life he became alive, and so did the castles in the people, and things inside of it.  “HE REMEMBERED WHO HE WAS, HE WOKE UP! THE SPELL HE WAS UNDER DIDN’T PHASE HIM ANYMORE”. LOVE CONQUERS ALL.

Capricorn: Stillness will be your best bet this week.  Allow the information to unfold its truth to you without action, as a result of you already applying yourself. Listen, and reflect as time is of the essence with the cosmic flow. As you begin to create your own world, it should make you smile with joy in your heart. Hold the vision you seek in bringing forth the manifestation in your reality. Sketch out the blueprint and get to work. Keep the faith, and the expected results to follow suit. Allow some of the things you value to fade away as you enter into a new phase of life. 

Aquarius: The truth will always be brought to the light through any obstacles, restrictions, or setbacks.  It’s all part of the process. Any semi-legal matters, contracts, or partnerships can flourish as projects are approaching their due dates to advance you to the next level. The end of the year should be a year of fulfillment of what you’ve accomplished grooving into 2022, dancing with happy feet. Show gratitude & thankfulness to the divine Creators and mothers of the universe as they go a long way and return great rewards in disguise.

Pisces:  You reap what you sow, is a true statement and this cycle of people, things, and unexpected residual resources from the woodwork will appear. Give thanks to the cosmic alignment and credit yourself for the work, and time you invested to see it through. No matter if you had to crawl or redirect your approach in a different way, get your point across. By all means necessary don’t give up. Instead, carry yourself with grace, and dignity while standing in your truth in the old fashion way of being raised.

Aries: This week, take the lead in your affairs by doing your due diligence. You can’t beat around the bush, especially if you didn’t do your part, and then expect others to follow or hear you out. Admit, acknowledge, then act accordingly, fulfilling past obligations, or at some point, you’ll run into a dead end. This cycle is for those of you who’ve done the work, and as long as you can look yourself in the mirror, the universe will step in and wave its magic wand to elevate you in places unknown. Aries, you’re a pioneering spirit.  Being adventurous is your mojo. It adds flavor to your world. Hit that grand slam, and then some.

Taurus: There comes a point in your life where the rubber meets the fork in the road. Which direction are you choosing as a new path in your life? Physically, are you in shape or in preparation? Mentally, is your mind made up?  Spiritually, are you inclined to accept the new role; and lastly, are you emotionally suited in that you’ve learned the lessons to press play? No matter what your current situation is, a decision has to be made. You’re currently entering a new phase of your life for the next 18 months as the node of the moon shifts into its Taurus/Scorpio axis.

Gemini: This week’s cycle may take you for a loop, with all sorts of information coming from every angle nonstop. How you respond will be the end result of the outcome. If you don’t do the work yourself, how do you ask others to do the right thing in return? New rules and family obligations within your home, workplace, and personal affairs are shifted quickly. Think things through and talk it out before making decisions when necessary. This is the month to lay the foundation and create a place to stand on and call your home. Treat any projects you start or in the process like planting a seed. Keep it nourished and watch it grow.

Cancer:  When driving you have three lanes 1, 2 , and 3, from intermediate to cruising, and advance for high-speed passing. As your life is moving in a new direction, think of new ways to adapt and discover new talents within yourself. Ask yourself what you can do with these newfound gifts and talents. This is your cycle for seeking ways to advance or make improvements within your current career spinning off in new directions. 

Leo: Set a new and firm foundation for yourself within your community, immediate environments, and those you’re connected with to build an organization. It’s your month to accomplish, uplift, and render your service, and support others to help humanity. This cycle will awaken you, nudge you, pull you, and shift your energies. There’s a spirit within you, shifting to get you into alignment with messages the universe wants to convey. As you end this year looking back on your growth, you’ve outgrown people and positioned yourself in a new direction. The result is you’ve learned valuable lessons. Lastly, and more importantly, it’s about investments in yourself for your own personal development.

Virgo: How can we, as a people, not learn about the past history and values our mothers, fathers and their ancestors, passed down to us as children to remain rooted in our foundation. The past is painting the future, and Virgo, you love to dig up the facts and figures, then analyze, and digest as to how it applies in your life on a global scale. You can certainly expect a class, online course, or new products to appear on the table with the additional discovery of new information.  A past connection with a friend, a colleague may resurface in passing throughout your daily affairs.

Libra: What messages are you hearing, feeling, or sensing that you need to tune into and understand the message and its meaning? Your professional interest or side gig is steering you in a new direction opening doors for new opportunities. Begin preparing your agenda, a speech, or a topic of discussion to communicate to your audience in the near future. The universal transcript of this world is being flipped and what was hidden, or forbidden knowledge the people want to hear to reconnect spiritually with themselves on this physical plane. This is where your specialty of having the resources and information at hand is needed.

Scorpio: When you stay in the game long enough to understand its power and know your power, and how you can maneuver in the arena of life, it becomes much easier. Setting boundaries in place is a mutual understanding of standing your ground, and how far you’re willing to go. Dancing to the same beat at some point has to find a new avenue of rhythms. Sometimes, there’s no rhyme or reason to the evolution of changes, due to its natural frequency and adaptability to the environment. This cycle is a do for self, as you’ve carried the weight of others on your back. Now is the time to pour much love, attention, and nurturing back into you.

Sagittarius: The cosmic universal elements of water, fire, earth, and air, play a major role in everyone’s daily affairs. Some things come rapidly, and some things will seem to lag for a reason. The reason being a lesson, situation, or test, etc., is for the purpose to see how well you’ve been an astute student of life.  It’s simply a preparation to reward you as you advance to the next level of life. It’s the shakeup before the breakthrough. In moderation, things occur. Show your appreciation to life’s greenery, its life force, and those around you with whom you share your wealth of knowledge and wisdom assisting others on their journey. There’s always a joyful gift in return, and not all of it is just for material gain.

Copyright Kya French 2021

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