2022, numerically speaking, is a 6 universal year of getting back to the old-fashioned way of life. Reestablish the foundation of the family and the things you value. The fashion industry will see a peak in that department. Finding your tribe, group, organization, and community; also learning your roots and tracing your family history is the theme. How loyal are you to yourself with the commitments you agree to, to improve in areas of your life? Romance can be a theme, but self-love is first, so romance yourself by nurturing yourself. This rule also applies in your home, appearance, work, dietary laws, etc., to attract a healthy relationship. The counseling professions, such as healers, therapists, and lightworkers, will see an increase in their business. New programs in the school system and more community gatherings, be it social, by phone or virtual are in the flow for this year.

Capricorn: Happy Joyous solar return Cappy: 2022, numerically speaking, is a 5 universal year for your sign, not your personal year. More freedom, flexibility, travel, branding, marketing, educating, and expanding your world, will see new levels. It’s a year to discover your natural, latent, or hidden talents, which may require your trademark or patent, as others will likely want to copy your ideas/style. It’s best to work in silence until your work is ready to make its debut. Allow yourself to fly away after emerging into a butterfly, fresh from the cocoon. Out with the old, creating new alliances, a new life with new keys to a new house, building projects, and much more. Your talent is limitless.

Aquarius: Numerically speaking, your universal year is a 1. Your main objective is putting yourself first and taking the lead in your affairs. It’s a year to form new associations and developments with twists and turns, heading into a new direction with a unique approach to life. As you enter the month of January, support is on the way to keep the focus, harness your energy, and nurture your projects as well as yourself. Peace and harmony, without distractions, are the keys to your consistency, and being in tune with your work to accomplish your goals. Value yourself.

Pisces: Numerically speaking, 2022 is a universal 9 year to put the kibosh on people, places, things, and finalize what path you wish to walk. What kind of life do you want to live? Review the last 8 years of your life and see what difference you can make this year to fulfill a goal, or do what makes you happy spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally. 2022 is the year to take a risk on you, and not what others think you should do. This year requires you to not take any wooden nickels, yet learn from previous relationships, situations, and finally weed out the superficiality in your life.

Aries: 2022 is a universal 6 year for your sign numerically. It’s a year to reexamine your dietary laws, domestic responsibilities, and professional affairs due to you being in high demand. Leave time for your peace, rejuvenation, and be more centered. What commitments are the primary focus you want to establish this year? Your beauty is enhanced which will increase your libido and help you feel more voluptuous like a ripe piece of fruit. Thoughts or pursuits of becoming a teacher, therapist, a doctor, advocate, chef, songwriter, etc., are more pronounced. Remember, know your boundaries, and do what’s in your best interest this year. This also goes for any teamwork.

Taurus: Get ready for a universal 3 adventurous productive 2022 year. A year filled with working with foreigners, cross country, community networking, ambassador, and your personal growth. It’s a year to expand your creativity, and be optimistic while attracting new clients, new friends, and associates, and gigs just through a simple conversation. After all, all relationships start with some form of communication. So, what’ll be your dialogue in 2022? Maintain the most upbeat and positive attitude this year knowing that whatever you believe in, you can achieve. Lastly, this is a fertile and flirty cycle in all avenues of your life to pitch or broaden your horizon.

Gemini: Cosmically speaking, 2022 is a year of slow developments, and with patience not to rush, or be rushed. Similar to a planet going retrograde, be mindful of the details, and how things developed in the initiation process to gather facts. Go back to the drawing board for review. You may want to add or tweak, here or there, to your existing plans. As Barry White stated in his song, “Practice what you preach.” Cooperation is the key, along with being kinder and gentler with yourself and others.

Cancer: This year 2022 don’t break the bank as you are cosmically, and numerically speaking, globetrotting in an 8 universal year. It’s your year to trim the fat in your spending habits, and postponements, or delays, checks and promotions are forthcoming. It’s also about rewarding yourself for the work you’ve done, including the time you invested in yourself. Let go of any attachments, be it emotional, material, or personal. You have a date with destiny this year that can occur at any moment. When you get the epiphany, you’ll understand to follow through. Get serious about the ideas you’ve been marinating on lately. It’s time you pursue with intentions to reach your final goals.

Leo: This is your year to travel inward more, in order to understand your soul journey, and mission in life in this universally 7 year of 2022. You’ll find yourself somewhat in a trance, in the form of daydreaming; dreams being of such a nature that you should keep a small notebook handy to record the details. The saying “let go and let God” will be a theme as you cannot help everyone, especially those who don’t want to be helped or want change in their life. Find solitude with yourself and surround yourself with positive affirmations. It’s your year to research a topic of your special interest.

Virgo: This universal 11/ 2 year, requires you to show your delicate and nurturing side attending to family and related obligations. Balance is the key to setting the tone in all relationships of your life, which indicates how you show up in your affairs. This is your year to counsel, to write, study, and develop long-term relationships with people. Yes, your senses will be heightened, and you may want to keep a distance due to your empathic connections. People will hold on to your every word this year due to your compassionate nature. People will also pay more attention to the way you utilize spoken words. Patience is a virtue.

Libra: It’s time to bring your creative entrees and desserts to the frontline in this 3 universal majestic year. Examine closely those in your immediate circle of friends and associates, as these are the people who may influence you or vice versa. They’re the people you’re building and growing with while elevating each other to your fullest potentials. Remove yourself from any gossip where at times, by no fault of your own, you may walk into hearsay. Walk away and keep minding your business.

Scorpio: Get ready to rebrand yourself in old-fashioned ways in this universal 6 year for your zodiac sign. Your body is sending you signals in all departments of beauty, health, one-on-one relationships, work, home, and more. Learn to set boundaries in order to have more peace and balance in your life. You’re the nucleus of your family and friends, who will have need of your wise advice. People will seek your comfort. Also, be wise in the food you select for your comfort. This cycle brings renewal of relationships in your personal and business affairs. Also, begin writing down some commitments for yourself this year.

Sagittarius: 2022 is a year to execute and engineer your affairs into a new way of life by freeing yourself from unwanted patterns and things you’ve held on to for too long. Instead, clean house to make room for the new that’ll be knocking on your door. Opportunities appear like books, stacked on the shelf. When was the last time you read a new book or took a risk yourself for an occasion to further your growth? Don’t carry unnecessary issues or be deadweight. Rather, be a humanitarian, giving brotherly and sisterly love. Empower and encourage yourself to follow your passion to the fullest.

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