Harlem’s Councilmember Kristin Richardson Jordan on Monday led a community protest rally against the demolition of almost a full block on 145th and Malcolm X Blvd. Developers want to build high rise towers which protesters say will destroy the neighborhood. They say, “Developer Bruce Teitelbaum of ‘One45’ and Al Sharpton/NAN will benefit from the displacement of middle income residents and businesses will be priced out.”

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  1. If Kristen Jordan really wants to stop Housing Corruption than she needs to get her self on the the Committee on Housing and Buildings and address locally all the corrupt housing organizations in Harlem. For example the Abyssinian Development Corporation (ADC) is beyond corrupt and incompetent. Rev Butts has his butt in the till for too long and ADC is so bad they are not allowed contracts with the city anymore. Then you got Harlem Congregation Community Development (HCCI) where all the pastors on their board are dead, and current Executive Director Malcolm Punter and Harlem elected officials still have nothing to say about the $1 million in dollars of Federal money stolen by a HCCI staffer.

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