Restore your faith within yourself. Set the tone at the beginning and follow your own rhythm. This is a cycle to fine-tune yourself to search within and appreciate your season of change and growth. You’re being guided and called upon to a particular assignment designed to open new doors for you. Don’t worry about what you don’t have. What you need you will attract to you. You’ll notice your finances and relationships turning around slowly yet surely. Go with the ebb and flow of the cosmic universal alignment. Mercury retrograde begins Jan. 14, to engage you in steps to achieve a substantial newfound faith within yourself. It’s a time to absorb more knowledge of lessons learned from the past now in order to rebuild your future.

Capricorn: Romance, finances, career, and investments are hovering over you this month until it all drops in your hands. Keep the excitement and inspiration going while you’re in the process of rebirthing yourself. Tap into the depths of your body, mind, and soul, and DO YOU. Do what makes you feel phenomenal. You have the wherewithal to adapt to others’ needs, and it’s now time to do it for yourself. Others may point the blame at you, but it really boils down to how they really feel about themselves. Utilize your strengths to build a new foundation. The past is the past. It’s time for you to help yourself out now.

Aquarius: The great old days appear to be recycling over gain. This year you’re reinventing yourself and surrounding yourself with a team of people who share the same talent, yet in different ways. There’s a saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” Revitalize your life from a brand-new perspective. Your team should inspire, motivate, and cheer you on, while all the while everyone is growing together. No child of GOD is left behind when you’re building together. Each person has a God-given talent to bring to the table.

Pisces: What have you been thinking about night and day recently that keeps your motor running in your sleep? While you’re sleeping, your mind is downloading concepts and ways of proceeding to the next step. These downloads in your mind are too big to sleep on. You have to wake up out of your sleep and write it down or get to work. It’s calling on you, and the cosmic instructions are moving you forward. Now’s the time to position yourself and fly like a bird with your agenda.

Aries: When you put forth the effort to make a conscious decision to follow your gut feelings, do it. Make a move. It may feel silly, unusual, or not even your style, yet you have to try and don’t beat around the bush. Put yourself out there to see what next window of opportunity shows up. Let whatever is holding you back go and seize the moment to will it into your existence. Take the first step. The vision has been given to you in your dreams.

Taurus: You’re coming out of hiding, by breaking the shell from your back, ready to explore a whole new world. The feeling is similar to leaving your parents’ home to begin experiencing things on your own. You may be vulnerable a bit. No one can help you if you’re afraid to leave the mother’s nest. Pressure will arise, as uncomfortable as it may be, yet there’s an inner voice pushing you to shift your perspective. Believe in yourself. Refrain from telling anyone what you’re doing until it happens.

Gemini: Significant changes are underway. Patience is required, and how you respond shows the attributes of your character and also how you feel about a situation. Don’t allow your emotions to take control. Remove yourself to give it time to rethink before you respond. If you spasm out of control, you just may cancel your own subscription, due to the fact you didn’t see your inner flaws. Make the necessary self-improvements to change. Don’t fake the funk.

Cancer: Empower yourself to push your buttons to disrupt, repair, and rewire yourself to follow the spark of your ambitions. Don’t knock yourself down. Once you’re standing weeding out whatever pain, fear, or self-imposed thoughts, instead, see the beauty of your life as you imagine. Don’t overlook how a situation plays out to heal itself to reach new horizons. Get into the feeling of the things you desire in your life. Crawl, walk, skip, hop, then run to be present, and feel alive. Get in the game expecting no one to help you, only you for now.

Leo: Partnerships are forming in your life as you expand and surround yourself with people who uplift your spirit and collectively build together. Mentally, your mind is uploading you on plans already existing on how to maneuver throughout your schedule. Follow your heart and rise to the occasion and lay the foundation that’ll advance you to new magnitude in life. Despite everything going on, survival is the number one tactic in all aspects of your life.

Virgo: This week is about changing your mind to remix the outcome of a situation, product, or service. Sometimes, you have to challenge yourself and go through a breakthrough to advance to the next phase. R. Kelly has a song called, “I believe I can fly,” and that’s the conversation that may be replaying in your mind to shut out all the noise. It’s your mindset that you have to challenge. Reestablish your purpose and mission to rebrand and regenerate the cells in your body that will download for you the next set of instructions to unlock your blessings.

Libra: You’re reconstructing the foundation of your family values, tradition, and recipes to keep the legacy strong to pass onto the next generation. Passed down recipes are evolving due to Mother Nature’s changes in the preparation of an agricultural lifestyle. This is where you’re the leader of change, knowing what ingredients are needed to keep the flavor and pass on new methods of tradition with the same texture. Every generation brings a new leader that masters the art and methods as evolution changes. Trust your gut.

Scorpio: The principle of transition is to convert yourself into a new phase of lifestyle, similar to a TV show with new episodes and storylines. What’s your story? The drought period is over and conditions have changed, and you have to press the Play button. Follow your destiny as to what awakens you that drives you in the opposite direction. It’s time to write a new story about your life to live it out. No more being held back.

Sagittarius: A new agenda is on the horizon as you’re already feeling and sensing the necessary changes. Be the observer of your change and notice the change even more once you begin. Walk towards the light and come out of the darkness to be living proof of your testimony. You’re taking a leap of faith by removing from all the things, places, people, and ideology as this is your journey. Sometimes, we have to travel alone which makes it even more extraordinary. God is your witness to your process.

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