Kareem Pritchett was sworn in Jan. 1 as Mount Laurel Township’s first African American mayor in the township’s 150-year history. U.S. Sen. Cory Booker administered the oath of office.

“It is a great honor and privilege to serve as mayor, and I humbly embrace the immense responsibility ahead,” Pritchett said. “Having served four years on the township council, I’m ready for this opportunity to be a powerful voice for all residents, especially the many that never thought a day like this would be possible in Mount Laurel.”

In 2021, Mount Laurel Township began a new era with the most diverse council in history and new leadership with Stephen Steglik becoming the youngest mayor in history. Despite the fiscal challenges faced by local governments throughout New Jersey, the new council improved services to residents while not raising taxes on residents.

“During the next year, I will work to ensure our growing township pushes forward smart policies to help our local economy, ensure our residents feel safe, and fight for critical infrastructure improvements we need to improve our roads, water quality, and improve our quality of life,” Pritchett said.

Booker said Pritchett’s love for his neighbors led him to become a politician and that his position has expanded in Mount Laurel and that he will provide opportunity for the community he loves so much.

“Today, in Mount Laurel, we begin the new year with immense optimism and hope, as Kareem Pritchett becomes mayor of this great community,” Booker said. “It is also a historic day that touches close to my heart. Kareem Pritchett, a son of Newark, is the first Black mayor in the township’s 150-year history.”

In 2003, Pritchett was hired by the New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission and started his career as a correctional officer and was voted Officer of the Year in 2011. A year later he was elected by his peers to represent them in their union, PBA Local 105.

Pritchett served two terms as an executive vice president representing the Juvenile Justice Commission and State Parole Officers on the executive board of PBA Local 105. He later decided to run for Town Council of Mount Laurel Township representing the Democratic Party and was elected in November of 2018.

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  1. Dear Mayor Pritchett,
    I have been a resident & homeowner in Rancocas Woods for
    40 years. I am a female, age 80 and active. We were very fortunate to have a senior center, I’m sure it was quite costly &
    It’s a wonderful building. Now it sits, wasting away, offering
    Mt. Laurel Seniors nothing. We had aerobic classes, Tai Chi,
    Painting classes, card playing and many many activities. Mount
    Laurel seniors makes up a huge part in this township. Paying taxes & helping to maintain the reputation of Mt. Laurel.
    I ask you why are we not utilizing this building.? Why is the township not giving to its seniors? What is the problem?

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