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U.S. Capitol Credit: Pixabay

Bad weather, a spiking pandemic, and plummeting poll numbers for President Biden are lead stories this week, as they have been for quite a while. To this depressing list add the anniversary of the attack on the Capitol with still hundreds yet to be summoned and tried for their involvement.

There is very little we can do about the weather—and it was certainly distressing to see the stalled cars on I-95, some of them for nearly a day—nor Biden’s declining popularity with so many voters. Some relief appears to have arrived from the CDC about Omicron, though a survey of citizens offers mixed responses on the extent of its ill-effects and that it may not be as serious and deadly as the Delta version.

We join the chorus cheering the news that AG Tish James has subpoenaed two of Trump’s children, which is another decisive step toward getting the big fish and the perpetrator of the fraud. As usual Trump was trying to have it both ways in gaining more economic clout on his property by inflating its value and then reversing the value when it came to paying the taxes.

The lying, deceptive Trump is at the center of the ongoing investigation of last year’s insurrection, his Big Lie promulgating the tumult that has spawned a number of insidious lies about the event, including that the marauders were unarmed, that it was orchestrated by activists on the left, and that some of the rioters were jailed as political prisoners after being invited to the Capitol by the police.

Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi has been steadfast and diligent in heading the committee bringing many of these so-called patriots to be tried and possibly convicted.

Yes, we are on our way in this fresh flip of the calendar and to say that there seems to be few rosy dawns in front of us would be a huge understatement.

Even so, as in the past, we are ready for the struggle ahead, which for many of our citizens nothing is new, and that which is new is sure to be met with a renewed and fresh resolve to turn back the onslaught of terribleness.

Are you ready to take a stand against the social, political, economic and environmental storms on the horizon? We are.

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