Als attendees with Robert Stickler (red hat) at event Credit: Daniel Goodine photo

On Saturday, Jan. 8, 2022, the Trey Whitfield school in Brownsville hosted a community event honoring our “Als”—Glascoe and Goldberger. It was an attempt to thank these two giants for allowing us to become seeds on the Golden Knights and Brooklyn Kings farms. Through the greatest team sport in the world, football, they nurtured us and helped us to develop into positive, constructive and responsible men. Because we were more than just players to them, we were more than just teammates to each other. These men are truly my brothers from other mothers, and we are members of the Glascoe and Goldberger families. The indisputable proof of the effects of their coaching, teaching and nurturing is the fact that we are still in each other’s lives long after our playing days have ended. They have given us true wealth. And I, Robert Sinckler, had the honor of being the master of ceremony.

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