Uranus stations direct at 10 degrees on Jan 18. Uranus has awakened from the sleeping slumber of retrospection to now obtain direct communications to relay messages to the world from her board of advisors, as well as the wise GODDESSES and GODS of the world with sacred knowledge that will be bestowed unto you. The Beast in Beauty and the Beast has awakened and found his place in the world. Snow White has opened your eyes with the help of the seven dwarfs. “Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair” now comes to be rescued. Cinderella was once denied her privileges and resources and treated terribly, only to find her Fairy Godmother to take her to the ball where she finds her prince. Then, the genie comes along to grant your wishes. On Feb. 17, Jupiter in Pisces travels at 11 degrees, which sextiles Uranus in Taurus at 11 degrees, beaming with opportunities. The key is to stay in a state of focus and preparation, no slacking.

Capricorn: An elevation within your vocation is leading you in a new direction. This cycle week, balance is essential between the home, family, work, and community service, as well as personal responsibilities. Your aura is radiant enough to draw forth from within what your heart desires, to create new relationships and heal any aspects of your life. Reel it into existence and be prepared to carry out your mission. This month sets the foundation for the flow of the remaining 2022 with a theme for each month to follow up on your blueprint.

Aquarius: Filling in the blanks to the pieces of the puzzle gives it form and expression, to see the end results of the picture or story it defines. You reap what you sow, and this cycle reflects the cause and effect to receive your rewards for services rendered. The only condition is that you maintain a state of continuation to receive your remuneration throughout the year. Rewards can come in many forms, such as appreciation, compensation, giving an assignment, group work, spiritual rewards etc. Keep your focus and don’t lose sight of your mission.

Pisces: Your wish is my command, as a result of the seeds you planted within the universe last year in September. The reality of these seeds is being defined and designed to bring you opportunity and prosperity this week. To yield to these opportunities, choose the path that benefits your plan to help carry out your mission. The spotlight is on you, and yes, you’re likely to be receiving some form of recognition, or your work is being noticed more in the public eye. Your profession is reaching new heights thanks to your dedication and determination to make it happen.

Aries: You may have a change of mind within your plans to shake things up a bit differently this week. For now, go with the flow and be in harmony with your feelings, as they will guide you to where you need to be. Pay attention to the details of your dreams and what feelings you receive. It’s likely to feel mighty real. Maneuver with caution with any legal or semi-legal matters, as well as the signing of any contracts until after Feb. 4 to avoid any modifications or adjustments. Increase your water intake, and include hot baths with Epsom salt or essential oils for relaxing, or perhaps a steamy shower, and when you can, visit a nearby body of water, such as a lake, or pond, etc. You’ll then know what moves to make by the end of the month.

Taurus: You’re unstoppable in building foundations and making connections as you meet and greet others by way of social engagements or other personal interactions. During this cycle, you’ll see the boomerang effect return to you. It’s the cause and effect for showing up while you’re reconstructing the way you presently operate. Setting the tone for yourself is your main objective and leaving a legacy for future generations to come while empowering them to create their own future. Stay the course, Taurus—odd and unexpectedly beneficial things are likely to show up in your forecast.

Gemini: You have a friend in you, which is your inner reflection. When you look in the mirror, what do you see and hear? This cycle says make room for self-improvement in how you see yourself in the future and how you operate in your daily affairs. What’s your perspective on life? Be mindful when signing contracts or any legal or semi-legal paperwork at this time. Seek counsel when needed for a second opinion, or for any other adjustments that need to be made. Pay attention to information and details that come your way, and especially listen before you act as there may be a word or words that capture your attention to solving your piece of the puzzle.

Cancer: “Let Go and Let God” is the mantra that’s likely to intervene in your affairs. It’s time to do a new dance, with a new rhythm added to your agenda. In the end, take the lead as to the direction of your life, and avoid boxing yourself into the mundane hustle and bustle. Relinquish what has a hold on you that makes you feel uncomfortable. Instead, get comfortable, unstuck, and unbothered to follow those passions that keep tugging at you. No more wasted time on thinking—it’s time to DO IT AND BE IT.

Leo: You are loved and supported by your family, friends, associates, and the connections you make everywhere you go. Don’t be surprised if your ears start to itch, as people are circulating your name as a referral on others’ lips. This cycle is a week for outstanding and phenomenal work to network as a collective under one umbrella, making it an eclectic one-stop-shop.

Virgo: This month starts off slow but gets busier as the month progresses on what projects or research you’re completing. One thing your mind is set on is networking among your peers to collectively collaborate on joint ventures. Listen to the advice and notice what pieces of information from others help create ideas to form your plans. Broaden your perspective a bit more and take the ego and emotions out of the equation.

Libra: How you start this year is how you’re likely to finish with an addition that links you with like-minded individuals to sustain the mission. You have a sense of prophecy to fulfill now. This cycle indicates phase one of your plans is taking off. You’re positioning yourself differently to advance yourself and explore new levels while climbing mountains.

Scorpio: Change can be a bit scary, like walking on eggshells. Once you maneuver, you improve the process, and your resistance becomes more of an acceptance of the process. Let it flow and go with the flow. Don’t allow anything or anyone to stand in your way of what’s unfolding. No matter the difficulty, good, bad, or indifferent, the cycle has to run its course. Jot down your feelings and experiences during this time to reflect.

Sagittarius: You are a Goddess/God with a plan who knows you are the captain of your soul. You are in a position to make your wishes come true this year. Hit a grand slam with more body and force to pave the way. This increasing amount of energy will help carry out your plans until October. Do what your heart desires and build the kingdom or empire you dream of to assist yourself and others. The saying goes, “You can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” However, you can make the horse thirsty enough to drink if you’re patient enough.

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