Preparation is the key to riding the wave to success now. Be resourceful if you want to receive the resources you need to advance your affairs. There are programs, trainings, assistance, mentors, and jobs within your communities. In January, you were fine-tuning your craft, skills, profession: researching and discovering things about yourself but on a spiritual plane. February is about planning to execute your goals and objectives for the purpose of advancement. Fate or destiny will play a role, be it spiritual, emotional, physical, or financial. Let go of what’s holding you back and be free to live in peace; however, fight for what you believe. This is a cycle of healing and defining the things we value. Home is essential, where love, unity, and building a foundation start.

Capricorn: Get ready for an adventure to explore your world in a different area within your work, partnerships, your love life and relationships, and being the God/Goddess and captain of your ship. Dive into the depths of your gold mine and go deeper within yourself to find your treasure. Once you receive the treasure, then will it into existence. There’s no limit to what you can do. The world is your oyster now.

Aquarius: Apply the right amount of pressure to your agenda this week and work in silence completing your projects. As you transit this week, put your best foot forward and say what you mean, and mean what you say. There’s no time to waste. It’s about the planning. It’s about crossing all T’s and dotting all I’s. Choose the best investment that coincides with your vision.

Pisces: The universe operates in mysterious ways to relate messages to its people. You’ll be used as a vessel to spread the word. Sit in silence from time to time and discover what the universe is conveying to you. Patience is required, and pay attention to the details, the signs, the feelings you’re drawn to, and places you are drawn to as well. What do you value the most? Ask yourself, is it time to redirect the things you value most?

Aries: This transit cycle for the remainder of the month is about learning to control your emotions in the best way. Listen to your intuition and follow your heart. This week, you may feel you’re on a soul mission to accomplish along your journey. Spiritually, you’re receiving the downloads or messages to carry it out on the physical plane. Semi legal matters and partnerships, along with an ending, or releasing, and soulful partnership, plays a role this transit week. Follow your gut and your own agenda.

Taurus: Planning for the future is the key this week. You’re about to be rewarded for the action you’re currently putting into play. The choices you make will lead you straight to the right resources. Continue to follow up, on the follow-up, to receive the results you want. How you deliver your message will be the key to unlocking the door to your success. But check in with yourself first.

Gemini: What’s your plan for the next 3, 6, or 9 months? Create a blueprint of what you envision for the rest of this year. Do the research to find out how to maneuver ahead with your plan. And, if you don’t know, or are unsure, ask your friends, neighbors, and people who’ve done the work for further advice and understanding.

Cancer: Plant the right seeds this week if you want to reap the benefits later on down the road this year. What you desire is to go deep down inside and examine what it is you need to work on. Gather up the details of the pieces of the puzzle and paint the picture in a story form. Once you see what you can do, keep pushing until you’re comfortable and then go full force accepting more responsibilities.

Leo: You are on a soul mission bringing a force together for a higher mission and purpose to be a resource both nationally and internationally. This is your year to manifest everything you’ve put on your vision board. The initiation is just the beginning to the next phase for the purpose of ascending to bring it together. Be original in your thoughts, agenda, and most importantly be you.

Virgo: Get the message to the people in all forms and methods from healing, to working and creating, envisioning ways to better themselves. You learn from hearing, seeing, reading, and life’s experience; it’s the meat and potatoes to putting it all together. Self-improvement is the best growth to broaden your horizons. You love facts and figures as well as looking at the recurring timeline in history in order to know what’s forthcoming.

Libra: You have all the resources at your disposal to utilize at will this week. Ask around and see who does what, and where to find it, and then apply it for yourself. Your neighbors, colleagues, and friends are willing to cooperate and build with you. When you show up, they know what to expect. The key is working together to build a foundation and to genuinely be of assistance to others.

Scorpio: Work, home, family, duty, and responsibilities are all pulling at once this year. This cycle suggests things are revealing themselves to you as time unfolds. A separation, a divorce, and things coming to a head of the culmination seem to be on the rise. You may feel it in your soul and in your body that it’s time to prepare for renewal.

Sagittarius: The smell of change is sweeter than the victory this cycle. You’re already in the forcefield, applying hands-on, with mud on your hands. You don’t mind doing the work, rendering or elevating you to sit at the round table with the bosses and those in higher authority. You’re resourceful in your wisdom to make anything turn into gold. You look at the good, and indifferent, and tie it all together to make it applicable to your specific needs.

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