February favors Capricorns, Libra, and those who made their solar debut in the world mainly on the 8th, 17th, or 26th of the month; and in a minor way, those who made their debut on the 3rd, 6th, 12th, 15th, 21st, 24th, and 30th of the month. 8, 6, 3 are numbers of financial gain, huge windfall and losses in all sorts of investments which depend on your contributions to your agenda. Strategic planning is the theme to succeed this cycle month. Success is surefooted progress that requires work and a skillset that includes practice, time management, physical exercises, breathing, and connecting within spirituality. This week, a transformation, a release, or a let-go in some form is needed to push you to the next level; feeling much lighter than when you started to ride this wave of accomplishment. Get to WORK, WORK, WORK by all means necessary.

Capricorn: February is a month for fact-finding groundwork with adequate amounts of research. Your intuition is keen. Planning, structure, time management, and organization are essential this month to have a clear mind to operate. This cycle week, do a review in all departments of your life as you’ll see things that went unnoticed or put aside. Get your house in order and weed out any unwanted items and distractions. Between the 6th and 8th is a beneficial time to receive support or be your own support.

Aquarius: Pour all the love into building your foundation and stay the course even when it feels complete. What are the tools you’re building with, along with the people within your immediate environment? Ask yourself, what your intention is in the beginning, and what the results will be in how you end. Honesty is the key. Plan, plan, and gather all the materials you need to carry out your mission.

Pisces: Connecting the dots is fun when you’re collaborating with like-minded people on a similar mission as yours. During this cycle, legwork is your best friend to get the outcome you envisioned. Decipher the information or message being conveyed to you as some are superficial or applicable. A positive attitude with a great smile works wonders as you go about your day. You may just bump into someone you know.

Aries: Traveling a far distance from home and doing things on a local, state, and national scale has potentially enhanced this cycle. Traveling within your mind is a theme as well as doing the work via social engagements. This month is likely to find you sure-footed in your faith in the Goddess and God, you know you are. You have an inner knowing of knowing what’s getting ready to occur in your life. It’s best to embrace the impact and land gently. Inspiration and motivation are the keynotes to obtaining your frequency.

Taurus: This month there comes a point where you make your own judgment calls as you reach a pivotal point in your life. During this cycle, search within yourself to find your niche to operate and explore what are your passions. Your passions, and the why, are tied into your calling, which guides you to your purpose. Be a service to yourself and others, as you’ll receive the vital information that can aid you in your life experiences.

Gemini: What’s the 411 on your agenda this month? Bringing forth the formula you desire with practice, discipline, and repetition is the consistency required for a stable foundation. Be as flexible and adaptable to go with the flow on the adventures of change. What you put out in the universe you’ll receive back in equal measure. Travel is indicated be it mentally, running errands, or picking up a temporary gig.

Cancer: A cruise pace is a theme this cycle week. Stay under 25 mph to take in the view of the scenery, as well as discover new things about the environment. When the sun is shining, step outside to get some fresh air and enjoy the breeze. Open the windows in your home or door briefly to circulate some fresh air. Be kind and gentle to yourself and speak only uplifting words about yourself throughout your day.

Leo: You have a certain kind of spark within you that keeps your fire lit to get the job done. This cycle finds you fired up with excitement about tackling a new goal with a new agenda. The smell of success is your greatest victory when working towards the results. You love to create and not compete as you know we all have a green thumb and a streak of talents, gifts, and skills.

Virgo: Get in alignment with like-minded folks who are on the same page as you are putting in the work. Virgo, you know best that the work is the reward as well as the results. As long as you apply yourself and believe in the impossible and that all things are possible, that is all you need. The earth doesn’t care what seeds you plant, as long as you work with the energy. It’ll return what you put in. Get out there and do something extravagant that’ll lead you to your resources.

Libra: It’s time to fly and leave the mother’s nest. You’re guided by your mind, your heart, and walking by faith with one hell of a sense. You feel the tremble, the quiver, and wobble as Mother Earth shifts gears before moving into drive. Mother Earth has a phenomenal reverse effect. “Grandmother Willow’ (in the movie “Pocahontas”) has one hell of a backup, and roots that snap when needed. This world evolves from being in service to one another, and you understand that cause and effect.

Scorpio: Planning for the future is the recipe for being prepared, one that you know very well. When people come to you, they know what to expect. You give them what they need, not what they want. You are resourceful beyond the years and say the darndest things that people can’t fathom or put into words. During this cycle, some form of separation is forthcoming, and it’s time to let go and allow nature to take its rightful place within you.

Sagittarius: Allow your imagination to take you to the motherland, and travel back with the knowledge to structure your foundation. Messages, signs, and warnings are being conveyed to you, so write them down as they may be coming vastly, some through conversation. The details are the primary this month, and all you need is faith to put the pieces of the information together and solve the puzzle. By the way, wherever you go, or whatever you do will be noticed. Wear a smile, crack a joke or words of encouragement.

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