The spiritual realm has been working diligently with the cosmic stars in the universe developing a greater plan to connect people, reconstruct your values, discipline, and surrender to a higher purpose. Preparation is the key, especially around Valentine’s Day and toward the end of the month. Yes, love is in the air for those looking forward to spending time with a special person. Remember, you are special and loved, and you are your own Valentine gift as the everyday is a gift from the divine creator to do it all over again, yet better and differently. Although things may have been delayed, that’s just how the process goes. Think about the timeframe or goal you set which requires you to be on probation period for 160 days. Stay focused on your mission.

Capricorn: The spiritual and the physical realms finally come together divinely through the cosmic frequency. These experiences manifest in many forms, be it in the flesh, phone conversations, downloads from the universe, déjà vu, and perhaps the unexpected of being introduced to someone by a friend, or being at the right place, at the right time by divine intervention. This cycle, go with the flow and allow the universe to carry out its mission. This is your week to heal, rejuvenate, and dive into the depths of your studies, or discover new untapped abilities.  

Aquarius: This is a week to fine-tune yourself between what’s logical or fictitious. Before responding, take a deep sigh and reaffirm what you want to convey. Explore your opportunities for the purpose of showcasing your talents which opens the doors to opportunities. It’s your week to collaborate and work with those cross country, or speak with people who speak a different language than you. Your workload is heavy with all the makings to keep you busy and completing deadlines.  

Pisces: Your mood this cycle is similar to water and air, at times colliding going against the normal current flow. When it occurs, open the dialogue to listen, feel, sense, see where the universe wants to direct your focus for better clarity. Take your time this week and enjoy life while moving at a slower pace to catch the breeze. 

Aries: Mentally, you’re prepared to take the lead to get the job done this cycle. Preparation is key, so what’s your strategy to position yourself? This month attend to all obligations before any fun and personal amusement. Be clear and concise with your approach. You have a mission to execute and to attend to other planned events. Strike out on your own and be willing to handle any obstacles before carrying out your part of the mission.

Taurus: What’s the replay, the conversation playing over and over again in your mind when you can address it with that person, or simply give them a call?  Don’t beat around the bush. Instead, deliver the message. Once your assignment is complete, it’s back to your studies, or the continuum to develop your projects with the goal of reaching your target date. It’s a good week to review your progress to catch any errors.

Gemini: The theme for this cycle is your home, family, structure, work, balance, and focusing on YOU. Get out in the arena and roll up your sleeves as your schedule is reserved, like a full house ready to tackle the agenda ahead. Health is a part of your agenda so follow up on any doctor’s appointments and any other important tasks. 

Cancer: The people in your immediate environment are either going to influence you or empower you to structure yourself differently. This week is about all things new, whether it’s a new route to work, a new work schedule, and exploring options within the relationship department. You’ll find yourself smiling more than usual and crossing paths with people you haven’t seen in a while. Keep a cheerful positive attitude with a nice smile. 

Leo: Your intuition has heightened this cycle to deep-sea dive into the mystery of your soul to find your treasure. Now that you have this vital information, what you do with it matters now. Follow your gut this week as your emotions can be tested which may require fortitude to balance your energy. Sometimes, sharing a story is more heartfelt for those who come to you for guidance rather than given advice. 

Virgo: It’s a time to rearrange the home or office space to change the ambiance. When you thoroughly clean your home, it’s rejuvenating like a fresh hair wash. Your body is your defense mechanism so listen when you are instructed to intake something or follow up with a doctor’s appointment for clarity. Protect your ears, your nose, and your throat as it may require your attention. Your focus now is on your work, home, family, and taking time out to cater to your needs.

Libra: The cosmic forces are sending you messages from all angles from within your mind, your dreams, and your conversations. Keep a pen, paper, or journal handy to jot down those messages. This week, conversations hold a deeper meaning and help you solve the pieces to the puzzle. Any form of marketing, advertising, counseling, and handling semi-legal matters are in your forecast.

Scorpio: Mind over the heart is a balance of the scale of life itself. When your emotions become involved, and not ready to let go, the universe steps in to perform its duty. Taking the lead is essential to know the direction you’re heading in. You’re in a position for advancement at work, a raise, a change of a job or rearranging the home.  Also, some form of separation, be it physical or spiritual, is on the horizon.

Sagittarius: This cycle requires the steadfastness to follow up on your work and the plans you put into motion. The process has changed from receiving to a work in progress, with the greenlight special. Review and revise the agenda to ensure it’s solid as you lay the best foundation to be a part of the plan to move forward. Women will be an influence in your life, or simply play a role in many significant ways. What are the context clues presented to you that tell a story? The answers are forthcoming. 

Copyright Kya French

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