Where are you in your preparation of progress to riding the waves of your well-deserved rewards? Don’t you smell it? Can you envision what’s forthcoming? The question is, have you been doing the work? This month’s cycle feels like Jupiter in Capricorn. Capricorn must apply themselves to advance the progression of things in an upward direction before Jupiter wakes up and blesses the world. Are your projects being blessed upon? Review the work and see where you are. Take a deeper look into all aspects of your life. Weed out non-factors. Destiny and fate are having a meeting of the minds. During the influence of the Full Moon in Leo at 27 degrees, this is about pushing through as it’ll not be an easy battle to get away with. Pressure is applied, like with dirty boots, dripping sweat, and your body feeling weak from putting in the work. Even if you have to crawl, you better pull your own weight to reach the destination. Only then are you able to receive the rewards, and your strength plus faith is restored.

Capricorn: Newfound partnerships of all sorts and new adventures are imminent. This week, stay ready, be clear and concise on your agenda. Observation is key to your approach for any upcoming conversations. Your research is becoming more intense due to the combination of your experiences, learning, and your relationships towards your development. The sun is shining on you now to explore your options and opportunities.

Aquarius: Communication is the key to developing information to give or receive messages. Exploring networking and learning new and insightful information adds to your repertoire. New developments with your work are on the horizon. It’s time to roll up your sleeves, apply elbow grease, and with mental powers move forward with your plans. Set time aside for self-care.

Pisces: Information this week can come either fast or slow, depending on the mission that needs to be accomplished. A review of your finances, childhood experiences, or reviewing paperwork, and a final overall review of your resources can now be updated. This cycle week may find you constantly on the go, swiftly moving and fulfilling obligations. Leave room for flexibility in your schedule, however.

Aries: The weekly forecast is composed of romance, finance, career advancement, and a personal transformation on both the mental and emotional planes. This is the cycle to dig a bit deeper as to the bigger picture that’s transpiring in your life. When the universe makes plans its mission is always executed either in an old fashion, or a direct approach. This is no time to beat around the bush. Make the necessary changes after discovering the necessary details.

Taurus: How you position yourself within your field of interest or work can land you remarkable advancements in your profession. Also, make an investment in a renewal for change in your personal relationships. Your social status and engagements are the highlights to showcase your talents. You’re developing your leadership role with new and forthcoming assignments. Mini breaks may be required to attend to family obligations.

Gemini: Remembering who you are is vitally important in this cycle. Review from where you started, and the protection provided along the way to continue your contribution in life. In this week’s cycle, your partners or associates may require your expertise. Any semi-legal matters or contracts may need a thorough review before pushing the envelope. Set time for reflection, solitude, and self-discovery as a tool to uncover the truth you seek. Record your dreams or visions this week.

Cancer: The saying, “this little light of mine,” is the message being conveyed to step up your game. The foundation is the centerpiece of keeping a house together. What tone are you setting to advance yourself along with your resources? What investments are you making besides tucking money away for a rainy day? The Divine Creator has installed a way for our ancestors to stay in connection with us to deliver a message when needed. However, it’s up to you to be aware and open the dialogue.

Leo: Spiritual downloads one after another are incoming as well as information from neighbors, friends, family members, etc. Big success is on the way as you continue to network and create. Submit any documents before deadlines and stay prompt in that department. Know when to excuse yourself from the table in any environment that’s not your cup of tea.

Virgo: What makes a foundation strong is the valuable information you provide to the people to better themselves. Continue to push through any adversity as our faith and strength are always tested from time to time. Keep elevating yourself, and the people higher toward rising to the occasion. The universe waits for no one to deliver, and works with people who apply and surrender to a greater cause or purpose. Keep your best foot forward.

Libra: You’re developing a master formula that’s the recipe to pass down for generation to generation to utilize. You know what it takes to build an empire, a castle, an army, to prepare for the takeover. When the Divine Creator sends you on a mission, you carry it out without complaining about the progress. Don’t you mind paying for the resources needed to execute the assignments? You know the value of what’s required to hold such a position and to do the work. That’s why the divine source sends you a task force.

Scorpio: Relationships, partnerships, friendships, separation, and financial gains are in progress. Continue to apply yourself because rewards are on the way soon. Preparation is the key to staying in consistent motion to see the results. Obstacles are only a test of your assignment before progressing to the next level. The ability to execute patience, while being an impeccable listener, helps gain more insights into yourself or your current situation. The master key is within you.

Sagittarius: This cycle suggests being still as changes seem to be occurring at a rapid pace. Think about the growth process of an infant from 1 to 12 months. The development is one you don’t always see in the beginning with your eyes, yet the overall process seems like magic. Go with the flow and listen to where you’re being directed to make your next move. Faith is the key ingredient to manifest it into existence.

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