Attorney General Letitia James Credit: Bill Moore photo

This month, New York State Attorney General Letitia James has shored up endorsements from several unions.

Last week, 199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East and 32BJ SEIU endorsed the AG in her re-election bid. Citing her support for the working class and the average New Yorker, 1199SEIU President George Gresham praised James:

“Whether it be supporting home health aides or protecting nursing workers during the pandemic, she has always used her platform to fight for better wages and improved working conditions for New Yorkers,” stated Gresham. “Like she has stood with us in every fight, we are proud to stand with her as she continues the important work she champions on behalf of working families each and every day.”
32BJ President Kyle Bragg said that James advocates for the downtrodden and voiceless.

“From Day 1, Tish has been unwavering in her support for our members,” said Bragg. “She has marched with us, advocated for us, and has taken on fights in the interests of all working New Yorkers. We remain grateful to her for dedication to protecting New Yorkers, and we look forward to getting out the vote to support her re-election.”

For her measure James, who was once rumored to run for governor, returned the praise in-kind.

“1199SEIU and 32BJ represent some of the hardest working New Yorkers I’ve ever known, and I am proud to have their support,” James stated. “We have stood together to advocate for the fair pay and safe working environments these essential workers need and deserve, especially in the midst of this pandemic. I look forward to continuing the fight to safeguard the rights of working people across this state.”

James has gotten endorsements from other unions such as the New York State AFL-CIO, the Transportation Workers Union (TWU), New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), the Hotel Trade Council, and the New York State Nurses Association and the Retail, Wholesale and Development Store Union (RWDSU).

“As our attorney general, Letitia James has fearlessly taken on some of the most powerful interests to protect workers and ensure they are treated with the fairness and respect they deserve,” stated RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum. “She has fought for better pay, safe work standards, and even recouped millions for workers who were cheated out of their hard-earned pay. I know she will only continue to proudly serve us as the People’s Lawyer…”

“Elected officials have a responsibility to serve the people, and I am honored to earn the support of the Building Trades, RWDSU, and NYSNA, unions that fight so hard for working people every day,” James stated. “The pandemic has underscored the importance of our workers and the imperative to make sure they have the protections they need and deserve.”

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