Daunte Wright (303537)
Credit: Photo provided by family

Reports indicate that former police officer Kim Potter was sentenced Friday to two years in prison for fatally shooting Black, 20-year-old Duante Wright in 2021 in Brooklyn Center, Minn.

During the incident that took place on April 11, Potter shot Daunter in the chest during a traffic stop when a struggle ensued. Potter claimed she intended to pull out her taser and mistakenly pulled out her gun.

In December 2021, Potter was convicted of first- and second-degree manslaughter. Wright’s mother, Katie, said she would not be able to forgive Potter for killing her son.

“She never once said his name [in trial]. And for that I’ll never be able to forgive you. And I’ll never be able to forgive you for what you’ve stolen from us,” Katie said. “My life and my world will never ever be the same again.”

In a statement released by the NAACP, the civil rights organization called Potter’s sentence a “slap on the wrist.”

“As scores of Black men sit in prison for the rest of their lives for committing non-violent crimes, Kim Potter will be a free woman in one year despite the fact that Daunte Wright’s daughter will live the rest of her life without her father. This only magnifies what we already know – the system is broken. Our hearts and minds are with the Wright family today as they suffer another injustice,” the NAACP said.

Potter will spend a total of 16 months in prison and the remainder of her sentence on parole.

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