Lunar food giveaway. Daniel Goodine and Don Hong. Credit: Bro. Ayerounde Davis photo

Don Hong, president of UA3 of Canal Street, invited Daniel Goodine, co-founder of the Brownsville community based organization Men Elevating Leadership (MEL) to his Lunar New Years event in Sunset Park.

Hong said, “We all had a chance to talk with the new BBP. [Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso]. [We] want to make sure [the] Brownsville team is working with local elected officials to make sure we are all working well together for the best of the community.”

Credit: Bro. Ayerounde Davis photo

Hong and UA3 distributed food to dozens of community groups across the city.

They did the same in Ozone Park, alongside 2020 COVID Hero-awardees MEL, they gave out pounds of vegetables and healthy food to community based organizations, as well as to the Lions Club and the Bangladesh Club. Sen. Chuck Schumer also showed up to support the effort.

Goodine said, “MEL has for two years worked with UA3 to provide healthy food to millions of people… We are here to support the city. We have never been paid for the work in the past, but provide and work to put food on many tables.”

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