The universal divine protection is among you. Give it your undivided attention and respect to assist you on your journey. When Spirit speaks to you to make a move—go here, go there, do this, then call this person—follow the information. Information is coming in piece by piece, and when you see it pick up on it and take heed. The details are the context clues to the puzzle to be solved. Financially, spiritually, emotionally, and vocationally, development and expansion are occurring. The behind-the-scenes folks have been scouting and observing to pull the best from you, be it Alpha as well as the Omega, going through its metamorphosis. Surrender to the higher forces within you.

Capricorn: The universe is preparing a special recipe for you. The ingredients are a result of experiences after the test trials. You’re now equipped with the kind of information needed to proceed to the next stage. As Dottie’s people stated in her music, “On Time God.” This cycle, Cappy, things are right on time to execute your mission. Relax and watch the magic occur out of nowhere. No need to strong-arm anyone, just being prepared is enough. Partnerships may be in question, and people are asking questions seeking information. Just relax until the full context clues come to you before making a final decision.

Aquarius: This is a week, as well as a month of devotion, to do the work that deserves your attention. In this cycle, semi-legal matters may arise. This also includes submitting the paperwork required for the completion of your process or project. A genuine conversation with a friend will spark an awareness that may broaden your perspective on life. Look deeper into the partnerships you value, questioning whether they are bringing you value. Are you learning, and are you appreciative of the friendships you developed? Or are you just seeking information for personal gain and insight in a dishonest way to make you look good? Question your actions, and the answers will come to you.

Pisces: The pace is moving swiftly to make a difference in your life to continue to follow your agenda. Be ready to make your move without hesitation coming straight from the heart. Work, family, and personal relationships with heavy responsibilities are present, knowing when to set boundaries with others. Your time and energy are valuable. This week whatever you invest your time in will be reciprocated. Think about the work you applied this month knowing rewards are on the way within a twinkle of an eye.

Aries: A week of fulfillment is in all areas of your life, especially a higher love for yourself. This cycle week includes a bit of everything from romance, work, travel, rest, rewards, resolving legal entanglements, family issues, as well as personal affairs to clear up any past misunderstandings. A deep feeling of change is sparking within that you can’t deny any longer. Think before you act. This is a week to gain financially from the effort and sweat equity you invested in yourself. This is all due to your belief in your ability to will it into existence.

Taurus: You have come to a fork in the road. You made it this far despite the storms, challenges, and setbacks. You even experienced the losses, and now you made it through. Victory is on its way and all you have to do is decide on the new route. Perseverance is the key, with a touch of faith, and belief, plus the experiences you’ve encountered to be where you are today. Walk thru the doors of opportunities and on to the new ground. The universe is filled with a plethora of greatness which is installed in the human spirit being on this earth.

Gemini: Laying the foundation is the main piece that bonds everything together making it stronger, and finer as time goes by. You see it’s worth every time you look at what you’ve created which recalls your memory of the process and seeing the current results. Know your work and also your value, and what you’ve done to make a difference in your life as well as others. You’re a genius in communications, yet don’t get beside yourself and take advantage of people as it will return to sender. . .you.

Cancer: This is a time to finally decide which direction when your back is against the wall. Your faith is being tested and you’ve come very far from where you started. Make amends to clear your path and obtain a new adventure in your life. The process is one where you have to carry your own weight to receive a genuine feeling of being independent. There’s no running now so don’t give up. You must stay the course in order to see what’s up the road.

Leo: Unexpected events can occur as a screen test. The question is how you’re going to order your steps towards the path you envisioned while being true to yourself? A meeting of the mind, and your higher self-interest steps into play bringing more clarity of your purpose. You have the information and it’s time to execute the mission with no time for looking back as the divine Creator is now guiding you every step of the way. Listen, trust the process and information given to you. When your mind and heart are in sync nothing can stop your shine.

Virgo: The universe has its way of showing you signs and messages through all forms of expression in your daily affairs. You walk by faith and lead by example as we all have flaws that balance our actions. Everyone on this earth is a walking testimony, and no one is perfect as we improve on our imperfection throughout our journey. You have a mission to carry out this week. Trust and believe, the rewards are much greater than the outcome. As you reflect on the process, recognize that you in fact are the reward.

Libra: You may feel pressure is being applied, rather than that you are applying pressure to others. The universe has a way of revealing itself to you when change is inevitable. Go with the flow as you may feel your back is up against the walls. You can feel it, sense it, and understand you have a higher purpose, as some run from it and others run towards their soul mission. Going in the same revolving cycles only and receiving the same outcome in different forms, has come to a halt. The divine creator presents an offer that feels like The Matrix with the red or blue pill. Do what’s best that’s embedded in your heart and turn the page to a new chapter in your life. Surrender yourself to the divine power.

Scorpio: As resourceful as you are you know the value of when to excel to reach your full potential. This cycle week is proven as life may seem a bit shaky for the moment, making that sharp turn up the road. Once you make the turn the road is smooth. The process of letting go is more rewarded, so always be your authentic self. Prioritize your schedule accordingly to your plans. Organization and structure is key this week while positioning yourself to higher levels.

Sagittarius: Slowly, yet surely, the snail reaches the finish line. The experience of this process is most beneficial, plus the investment is about believing in yourself, first and foremost. As you can feel, sense, hear, taste, smell, envision and touch. Just like the deep breath you inhale, within the stillness is when you can receive the message meant for you. All the stars are in motion now, and the universe is showering gifts, and shining its light on the world to rise up.

Copyright Kya French

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