Numerically speaking this cycle week, the numbers and stars are in alignment with the New Moon in Pisces. Plant new seeds as you disconnect from unwanted desires, habits, places, people, and things that no longer support you. It’s okay to outgrow people and to rise to the occasion of your higher self. Jupiter will be within 2 degrees of the new moon, Sun and Uranus are sextile bringing forth unexpected expansions to your life. Expansions in the areas of love, career, creativity, opportunities, healing and the renewal of self-awareness. Step out of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith. You have everything to gain when you invest in yourself.

Capricorn: March is a cycle to concentrate on starting or finishing up new projects. It’s also a great cycle for writers and knowing who your supporters are. Surround yourself with leaders, managers, coaches, negotiators likely to be more competent in your due diligence. Weed out any unwanted items, places, and people to clear your space. You are the God and Goddess of your ship as various opportunities will present themselves that are in alignment with your mission, vision, and purpose. Keep a positive attitude during these 31 powerful and successful days. Stay prepared.

Aquarius: The cycle for this month is to get organized and make remarkable decisions. Decisions that’ll stand out and usher you into new positions of opportunities. Focus on your creations, and plan to execute your mission while building new alliances and helping others. Balance your inner self to recoup and gather your strength. You may encounter stumbling blocks that will lead you down a unique path. Go with the flow.

Pisces: Happy Solar Return Pisces! A moment of truth, evolution, growth, expressions, and connectedness within your community. Utilize your creative energies and create short-term goals to accomplish them. This cycle recalls the seeds you planted in January, and last October has been incubating, ready to flourish, take root and take off expeditiously. Deflect any pessimistic ideas or conversation that’s not pertaining to your goals and objectives.

Aries: A new journey awaits you as you focus on life’s reoccurring frequencies as you give back. Gratitude assists in excelling your life as a tool to receive compensation and abundance. During this cycle month, your humanitarian nature is in full effect to advise, assist, encourage, inspire, and motivate others to reach their full potential. Share your story, as stories can leave an impression for others to pursue their dreams. Explore a new passage on life to widen your perception, and perspective on life.

Taurus: The emphasis this week is on your business, home, and personal relationships. Your focus is to know your role and the position you play in people’s lives. Expand your heart, minds, and ears to newfound wisdom, and accept people for who they are. Not everyone will see what you see. It’s up to you to see it through and make use of the vision given to you. It’s a great time for the renewal of self-love, as well as your love for others.

Gemini: This cycle month suggests you be open to receiving instant messages directly from a divine source. It’s a fast-paced week to commit to any errands, thus freeing up space all the while being spontaneous and free of restrictions. Recognize needs from wants, then take advantage of the opportunities presented to you. A successful cycle for the business, networking, and turning up the volume of love, for yourself and your mate, are strongly indicated.

Cancer: March is a phenomenal month to find balance, and peace in your heart. It’s a week to organize the home, solve problems, and be something of a counselor to others. This is a rapid week so don’t chase after what you want, but speak it into existence with demands, and set dates while playing your role. Bring those excellent ideas to the forefront and transform them into a product, a service, or something teachable and useful. Dance, sing, meditate, walk, or exercise to keep a positive, cheerful upbeat attitude.

Leo: This is a time to give birth to a new chapter in your life. Begin a new business venture or endeavor, the partnership also within your circle of relationships. As you glide through this new energy of repositioning yourself with it comes a new formula, lease, or an agenda to carry out your mission. This week continue to gather up detailed information and listen more than you speak. You got this!

Virgo: No one is perfect as we can all learn from our imperfections, and past experiences. The elevation is the key to evolving higher with grace, wisdom, and awareness of self. This is an excellent period to journal down your thoughts and review your weekly itinerary, dietary laws, and commitments you’ve set in place. This week, contemplate on you as your work will be highlighted in some way, shape, or form. Your aura is radiant this week so put it into good use in your daily affairs.

Libra: Visualization is the key to bringing forth what you want to occur in your life. The inner source is a reliable resource to assist you in directing your steps as to the where, when, what, and how to navigate on the physical plane. Reflection also helps nourish your mental faculties and recall memories of yourself. Tap into your inner powers for the answer you seek. Record your dreams as they may hold the keys to what’s forthcoming news.

Scorpio: This is a metamorphotic cycle week of an ending and new beginnings. Find the loopholes within your foundation and fix the cracks to pave a new road. As you are weeding out the old, give it a few days and allow the energy to release before starting a new journey. Letting go is key and having compassion for others to nurture yourself, as we can all identify the strengths and weaknesses within ourselves.

Sagittarius: This happens to be a miraculous cycle to stay in balance, turn the other cheek, and head off any negativity. Some folks are deceptive in their approach when they seek your help or try to pick your brain. It’s a no-brainer to you as you know how to direct the flow of the conversation to make it short, sweet, and to the point. This week is a great time to build alliances while showcasing your skills as you offer up your time, effort, and energy. You’ll be compensated by the universe as long as you do your homework.

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