On March 5, the New York City Black Women’s Political Club (NYC BWPC) will host its InspireHER conference, its first annual conference, at the Lyft Headquarters in Long Island. The conference will be at 10:30am.

The event is being held for Black women to bring them together. The goal of the event is to allow Black women to prioritize themselves as leaders in the areas of technology, business and civics. The conference speakers are also gamechangers in these areas.

Black women made up only about 4.4 percent of total management positions in the country in 2021, compared to 32.6 percent of management positions being filled by white women, data from Catalyst’s Women of Color in the United States report said. 

At the conference, the guest speakers will tackle key points. A few points are Black women’s wellness, dressing for success and preparing for leadership and empowerment, according to the NYC BWPC’s press release

The conference will feature guest speakers. In civics, some of the speakers include Jahmila Edwards of DC37 and Anne Marie Admission of Emblem Health. In business, people like Tenyse Williams of Verified Consulting and Zanade Mann of Black Women’s Business Collective will speak. Other guest speakers will come from spaces like wellness or technology.

“I’m looking forward to speaking about the power of local level politics – it has the most direct impact on our lives but is far too often overlooked,” Carla Davis, one of the guest speakers that is set to speak at the conference, said. She will be a part of the “What Does Civic Leadership Look Like” panel. 

Davis is a conscious social media activist and advocate. She talks about New York City politics and policy in easily digestible videos to get young people to engage in their communities. Her TikTok page, @carlaxmariee has amassed over 20,000 followers.

“I want to share my experience with using social media as an important tool for information sharing and empowerment in the political space,” she said. 

The conference is in partnership with Cross River and Eleanor’s Legacy, to name a few. Many community organizations are also supporting the conference. Some of these community partners include Girls Inc, Lay the Guns Down and the Afro-Latino Association for Policy & Advocacy.

 “Past, present, and future: New York women lead the way,” Eleanor’s Legacy said in a tweet that they posted on March 1. Eleanor’s Legacy was founded in 2001 by Hon. Judith Hope and recruits, trains and elects pro-choice Democratic women throughout New York, their website said. 

Women are still underrepresented in leadership positions in the business industry. In fact, no Black or Hispanic women head Fortune 500 companies, despite the share of female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies reaching an all-time high in 2020. Moreover, women remain statistically underrepresented on Fortune 500 boards, the Pew Research Center said.

The NYC BWPC aims to advance the causes of Black women throughout the city. To do so, they support Black women participating in the political process. Also, they support causes, issues and people who are helping improve the societal, economic and political position of Black women. Some of the issues include gender and racial bias, healthcare, paid leave and criminal justice, the NYC BWPC’s website said.

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