A photography exhibit by noted photographer Howard Cash is being held at Harlem’s Strivers’ Row Gardens Gallery through March 20. In Cash’s artist statement for the exhibit, titled “Joy, Love and Celebration,” he writes:

“This exhibition is designed to offset some of the constant chaos from the last couple of years. Millions of world-wide deaths resulting from COVID-19, the ugly presence of Karens and the January 6th Insurrection in Washington, D.C., accompanied by The Big Lie and the Stop the Steal Movement.

“The Doctrines of White Supremacy are deeply entrenched into America’s racial, legal, political, economic and social systems of injustice, provoking neighborhood homicides, gang violence and senseless murders centered around poverty, hate, control and fear; leaving some killings cloaked under police brutality, accompanied by white privilege inside scripted claims of self-defense. This demands a change in public policy because, ‘when you remove the root causes of poverty from a society, you also contribute to the dismantling of hate, crime and fear.’

“Today, I’m taking you away from ‘the drama’ and into the lives of these fabulous people from Africa and the African diaspora, where you’ll discover precious moments of what I call, ‘Visual Wellness,’ beautiful opportunities for healing within these broad spaces of mental and emotional tranquility, by simply embracing the beauty of their warm human spirit. These are wonderful people with whom I’ve had the pleasure of capturing their humanity, kindness, humor, lifestyles and fun-filled ways.

“So, sit back and relax, as you’re about to meet some delightful people from Nigeria, Libya, New York, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, St. Helena Island, New Orleans, Houston, Chicago and Washington, D.C. as they share their loving relationships to the world—recognizing all our fates are connected.

“Celebrate your life, celebrate your family and friendships—celebrate your blessings! This exhibition is dedicated to the memory of my parents Howard Henry and Jane U. Cash.
“Blessings everyone––peace and much love!”

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