This March marks the beginning of a new company-wide venture for Macy’s Inc. that will contribute $5 billion to forming an equitable and sustainable future.

This venture, identified as a “social purpose platform” by the company, is known as Mission Every One. By 2025, the company plans to allocate $5 billion to partners, people, products and programs through Mission Every One. The framework of the program is constructed upon three “pillars of impact”—people, communities and planet.

“Mission Every One creates a brighter future with bold representation for all, that empowers more voice, choice and ownership for colleagues, customers and communities,” said Director of External Communications at Macy’s, Inc. Carolyn Ng Cohen, in an email interview.

According to Ng Cohen, much of the funding for Mission Every One will be supported by Macy’s Inc. itself. A portion will be sourced from its customers and colleague donations alongside corporate grants. Part of the funding going to the “people” pillar will support programs such as the Workshop at Macy’s, a commitment to resourcing women-owned and diverse businesses. Other sub-initiatives in this pillar revolve around raising minimum wage to $15 per hour company-wide and furthering human rights and racial justice.

“Our cause and community giving initiatives will reflect our belief that today’s young people are leading the positive change for a radically new world that creates a brighter future,” said Ng Cohen. “We will partner with nonprofit organizations that specifically empower the emotional well-being, education, entrepreneurship, and environmental stewardship of youth.”

Even prior to this new venture, the company has offered a hand to businesses that represent diversity. The Workshop at Macy’s began in 2011, and in 2020, the company joined the Fifteen Percent Pledge, a non-profit organization that calls on major retailers to pledge about 15% of their shelf space to Black-businesses.

In some way, the different pillars of action all go hand-in-hand. Macy’s Inc., focusing their impact on communities, will donate part of the $100 million of the Mission Every One funds to nonprofits that assist underrepresented youth. Girls Inc., an organization focused on female youth empowerment, is one of these nonprofits and is being highlighted by Macy’s Inc. during this Women’s History Month.

“From March 1 through March 31, Macy’s customers can directly impact and empower the next generation of women leaders through a charitable round-up campaign, where donations support Girls Inc.’s STEM and College & Career Readiness Programming,” said Ng Cohen.

She explained that customers can donate online at or include a donation as part of their in-store purchase and donate the extra change anywhere up to 99 cents, to Girls Inc.

Mission Every One’s focus on sustainability lies within the “planet” pillar, representing Macy’s dedication to developing sustainable products and services. Part of this plan goes beyond the goals for 2025, as the company strives to use “100% preferred materials” in its private brands by 2030. This includes cotton, synthetic and wood-based materials. Ng
Cohen also highlights another part of the “planet” pillar that aligns with sustainability.

“Additionally, we’re improving our operations by investing in circularity innovations to help reduce, reuse, and repurpose materials to eliminate waste, and developing Science Based Targets (SBTi) to reduce emissions and align with climate science guidelines,” explained Ng Cohen.

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