Listening to President Zelenskyy’s speech before the U.S. Congress and watching the interspersed video depicting a beautiful country being reduced to ruin was heartbreaking.

There were moments in the speech that will obviously appeal to those Americans ready to do even more to halt the ongoing atrocity, and at the same time find those unwilling to get more involved that might precipitate a nuclear war with Russia.

In his plea for help Zelenskyy pushed a number of sensitive buttons, and to include Dr. King was certainly an appeal to the millions of Americans who have suffered injustices in this nation. There are sure to be those who believe such a comparison is an inconceivable stretch, but it clearly indicates just how desperate the president is as he witnesses the slaughter of his people, the total destruction of his country.

What we have to say here will have little impact on what transpires next in the relations between the U.S. and the Ukraine, but the promised aid may be enough to stay the invasion, given the courageous stand taken by the Ukrainian forces.

If not, additional armaments may be necessary, particularly if Putin expands the aggression to include other European nations. Already there are indications of an incipient advance into Poland and other surrounding nations.

As a newspaper, we should also add our condolences to the families who have recently lost reporters covering the war. Their deaths are as meaningful as the war is meaningless, and they chose to bravely enter the fray to bring us the news that gets more senseless and merciless by the day.

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