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Hampton University (HU) President Dr. William R. Harvey announced that the private historically Black university it’s inviting 50-100 Ukrainian and international college students presently studying in Ukraine to continue their education on HU’s campus this summer.

“The collective Hampton University faculty, staff and students are heart-broken because the war-torn country of Ukraine must deal with atrocities like the bombing of maternity wards, hospitals and other civilian areas,” said Harvey. “I think this partnership is something that can be beneficial to a great number of students and families. My entire career has been focused on helping people to achieve and meet their goals.”

Ukrainian and international college students affected by the combat will be able to attend classes at Hampton for the 2022 Summer Session, receive room, board and tuition for the summer, and have the option to stay at Hampton at the regular tuition and fees rates once the summer session is over.

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  1. William R. Harvey is a Sellout and human garbage is in charge of that University. Get William R. Harvey out of that position ! William R. Harvey you are trash ! Black Students deserve the same thing you are offering foreigners !

  2. I do not know the history in which this man is being judged, however, I can say , that there are a lot of Black people who have suffered at the hands of others. So much turmoil in the lives of people and often not if their own doing! I was excited to see the generosity of the current university’s president however I still agree with the previous statement, that there are people of African-American descent that should be considered for some of the same privileges!

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