The world is far from perfect and oppression will not be eradicated overnight. Nonetheless, small steps taken each and every day to amplify the voices and creative work of Black women and our culture can help the cultural health of the world to improve.

Improvement can arise from the publishing of Black women’s voices and pushing forward positive and historically informative (and accurate) narratives to the global audience through media platforms and celebratory promotion.

While there are so many great books and content currently out in the world, here are a couple of notable creative endeavors by the powerful and highly inspiring writers Jasmine Mans and Danyel Smith.

Mans’ book, the highly anticipated poetry collection “Black Girl, Call Home,” is reminiscent, if not comparable, to the work of Gwendolyn Brooks and explores lyrical ideas and her personal understanding and relationship with feminism, queerness and Blackness. “‘Black Girl, Call Home’ is a love letter to the wandering Black girl and a vital companion to any woman on a journey to find truth, belonging, and healing,” writes the book’s publisher, Penguin.

Representation of Black women searching within themselves for existential clarity and emotional and societal safety is such an important perspective, experience and narrative that stems from a long line of Black women sharp and vivid writers such as Lorde, Huston and Morrison.

In the realm of music history, the podcast series Black Girl Songbook, hosted by the legendary music editor and journalist Danyel Smith, is an invaluable resource that highlights the amazing music and lives of Black women musicians.

For two seasons, Smith has covered Rihanna, CeCe Winans, Aaliyah and many more. Not only is Smith an excavator of history, but she is an amazing storyteller who takes listeners on a journey through the amazing musical presence and catalogs of Black women.

“Black Girl, Call Home” and Black Girl Songbook are two great offerings amongst so much amazing work that is being offered to the world right now. Be sure to engage, learn and enjoy because these creative expressions are authentic and worth exploring.

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