Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Credit: US District Court for the District of Columbia photo

It was such a pleasure to see Judge Jackson maintain her poise, decorum, and equilibrium while taking bouts of interrogation from GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The grilling, like her candidacy as the first Black woman nominated for the Supreme Court, was unprecedented. They did all they could to unsettle her, break through her calm and serenity, and establish control as they appealed to the Republican base.

But to no avail; however, there is still more barrage to come in the final round from the other GOP members, with two of their top dogs, Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz, having exhausted their futile attacks.

While it would be good to see a couple of GOP votes for Judge Jackson during this confirmation process, she has the votes if the Dems keep their numbers intact.

Going into the fray, Judge Jackson knew she would have to endure a fury of assaults, misinformation, and a mountain of assertions about her decisions in the lower courts, and as a public defender.

Her philosophy would also be assailed, and she repeatedly replied that her only tenet was one of methodology. She was articulate and coherent in turning back the false claims, explaining the complexities of critical race theory, and her membership in the Black Students Association at Harvard that invited Dr. Leonard Jeffries to speak, as well as being soft on crime in her juridical decisions.

In tennis, we would say she held serve, in football she kicked the winning field goal, and in baseball hit a game-winning home run. But at the hearings on Capitol Hill her presence was commanding and there can be no verdict short of overwhelming confirmation.

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