On March 12, attendees from all over the United States and parts of Nigeria attended New Jersey’s own Teniola Ajala and Bosun Salami wedding at Royal Oaks Centre in Lekki, Nigeria. 

“To say I actually don’t mind being with this one person is growth. Bosun is the guy I’ve always dreamed and prayed for. He is a dash of what God knows I need, and a sprinkle of what I didn’t expect to come,” said Teni Ajala Salami. Teni earned her masters in communication at the University of Bridgeport, and currently works as an advertising editor. She also owns her business Marycle Lashes as a certified lash specialist.

“You know when people say ‘marry your best friend, ‘e get why.’ Well, I’m glad to say Teni and I are a perfect testament for that. Being with her these past couple of years has been such a remarkable journey and cannot wait for the next chapter of our lives together,” said Bosun Salami. Salami earned his masters here at NJIT as a Network Engineer. 

The couple met at a mosque during the yearly Eid celebration in June 2018. Bosun saw Teni taking a picture from afar, and was amazed by her beauty and aura. Bosun wasn’t able to greet her officially since he had to rush to work but he was very intrigued to meet Teni. He started to investigate through Instagram and found they had a mutual friend. After getting the confirmation Teni was single, Bosun expressed his interest and they connected insistently. Two and a half years later, they were engaged. 

The wedding was full of friends and family of each side of the couple wearing native Nigerian attire. 

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