March 31st sets the tone for new beginnings materializing suddenly. Between April 11th and the 21st, the universe is granting your requests. However, you must apply yourself just as if you’re filling out an application, an audition, or selecting a candidate to date, and investing in what’s in your best interest. April begins with new terms and conditions, a new set of rules to live by your own laws. By all means necessary, assert yourself as you go a different route to be uniquely you. Redirect your energy to get what you need, not what you want. Folks’ intuition can be extremely clairvoyant when they listen to it. It’s a new day dawning, a time of rebirth as the old ways no longer support your old habits, wants, desires, things or places. “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase,” Martin Luther King Jr.

Capricorn: April is a culmination of things that have been building over the last 8 months. Now it’s time to release, publish, write a script, or finalize your projects, take control and showcase your talents. It’s a week to be inspired, motivated, charitable, cautious, and ready to tackle anything head-on while standing your ground. It’s a renewal, a rebirthing like a phoenix rising from the ashes to fly freely like a bird. Be a participant of patience and be purposeful on purpose.

Aquarius: Career opportunities are looking bright this month. However, you’ve got to be willing to apply yourself and do the work. Favors may come in handy, yet respect and boundaries do too. When you feel moments of irritability, take a deep sigh as you’re loaded with tasks and responsibilities to meet deadlines. Balance keeps the flow easily going, just as energy flows where your attention goes. What’s on your heart & mind?

Pisces: Get up on the rising sun, get on the bus, get up grooving and moving to the beat of your drums. The first week of April is a constant motion of taking care of business. Setting the tone with a new routine in place is important this month. When you’re playing a game of chess or checkers, you got to make a move. Make your power moves this cycle while building connections. Relax with structure.

Aries: Happy Earth or Solar Return you Rams. What is your conscious and subconscious planning to carry out? Stop debating and answering your own questions, and rather be about it, and go after what it is you need. Your heart is the only validation; it leads you right where you need to be. The details of the information that’s hovering over you are right in your face when you are sleeping, in conversations, listening to music, painting, etc. These are some of the signs leading you to the main event. You have to be a participant and raise your hand.

Taurus: The tools you’ve learned from your research up until now will support any new endeavors. Information can be utilized to assist in bringing light into people’s lives, giving it more meaning and understanding in their circumstances. During these monthly cycles, dig into the information and ideas you once thought were great as to how they now can be useful in a service, product, lecture, etc. We are equipped at birth with everything we need to navigate this world. Seek and you will find. How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to travel this month to discover things about yourself?

Gemini: When you look in the mirror and examine yourself, you’ll see that the inner you is glistening more than usual. What you put in your body will either enhance or decrease your appearance. It’s the little pimple that can cause a ripple effect. This cycle is about your health, family, responsibilities, work, engagements, and any other commitments needed to balance your flow eloquently. Set time for a 5 or 10-minute workout to keep you on your toes and stay surefooted.

Cancer: Life gets better like fine wine. Set the tone as this cycle may question your past behaviors in order to build a new foundation. Gather up the equipment needed this cycle to affirm the structure of building your castle. Your inner feelings are pulling you towards fine-tuning yourself or is it making you sick to get it out of your system? This cycle is about self-development where you’re reconstructing for the betterment of personal growth.

Leo: Reduce your speed this week to see the wonderful aesthetics that life has to offer in nature, both outside and inside. Peace, love, harmony are the themes while taking your time to receive and appreciate the true meaning of things conveyed to you. Have an eye for details and listen carefully before you speak to allow information to register. Be Leo organic and watch how nature reveals itself when it’s ready like a ripe banana, peach, or avocado, as your projects come to light.

Virgo: Plan, organize, and fulfill your obligations while applying the missing pieces to the puzzle in order to complete the task at hand. When your daily schedule is in order, you can move and flow with ease. When you stay ready, you don’t have to worry about being ready. Double-check your plans and home environment to ensure everything is in place. Nip things in the bud this cycle and stand your ground.

Libra: This week’s cycle is where things come to you out of the blue, and your intuition speaks to you and guides you. When your mind and emotions are unbalanced, contemplate how things are going to go as you take a deep sigh. Allow what’s happening to occur as you have no power over what the universe puts in place. This is a Saturn and Neptune week where discipline, obedience, restrictions, and sound faith play their roles. You’ll find your answers when you review the structure you’ve built around it. Before making a move, question your motives.

Scorpio: A new journey awaits as you open your heart to a new way of life and living. This cycle will occur expeditiously, yet the approach will be slow, and precise. Patience! There are some days we can indulge in food to enjoy the quality and texture of life. Somedays, the indulgences don’t sit well digestively. It’s a great week for inner reflections; remain in a reclusive mood as you will find your answers to a solution.

Sagittarius: When building a foundation, all the permits, proper orders, team members, or those who are skilled in their profession can better assist you. This week, outsourcing leads you to opportunities for the services you need that can help in your creation or plans. Situations may arise which require you to follow your hunches, and remember to be adventurous, different, and of course spontaneous.

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