Chef Marcus Samuelson Credit: Eileen Barett photo

Chef Marcus Samuelson often describes Streetbird as his love letter to hot spicy chicken. What began in Harlem has made its way across the country to Las Vegas, across the Caribbean to the Bahamas, and now has crossed the Harlem River to the Bronx when, last month, Chef Marcus Samuelson opened the iconic Streetbird stall at Yankee Stadium.

The blistering cold and wintery mix of rain and snow was no match for the excitement of the day. Not only was this the return of Streetbird to NYC (the first location was planted in Harlem on 116th Street on Frederick Douglass Boulevard), it was the home opener for the MLS Cup Champions, the New York City Football Club. Chef Samuelson is a lifelong soccer fan and happens to be the chief culinary coach of the Club, so this was a big day for him and his team.

To commemorate, he enlisted the expertise of Jo-Ann Barett, our lead cake designer at Aromas Boutique Bakery, to build a replica of the MLS Cup trophy made of waffles. Together they unveiled a chicken and waffles trophy filled with his famous Hot Honey Fried Chicken. The backstory? The Streetbird team had a grand vision of a waffle trophy. They weren’t sure how they were going to execute it and put it in the hands of our team to bring it to life. Over 40 hours and hundreds of waffles later, the Chicken and Waffle trophy was born!

Chef Marcus could be seen holding up the waffle trophy with the gusto and pride of a soccer champion. He says, “As a New Yorker and a lifelong sports fan, it’s a dream come true to bring Streetbird to Yankee Stadium, a legendary home to two of my favorite teams.”

At the stadium, fans can enjoy favorites such as The Hot Bird Sandwich with Spicy Chica Shake, slaw, and house-made pickles as well as PK Chili Cheese fries, a mix of french fries and sweet potato fries topped with chicken chili, jalapeños, and crispy onions. Also on the menu is the Big Fly Chicken and Waffles as well as other ball game favorites like extra long hot dogs and chicken fingers.

Next time you’re at Yankee Stadium rooting for the home team, make your way to section 112 along the first base line to get a taste of Harlem in the Bronx!

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