Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Credit: Senate Judiciary Committee/Facebook

Sometime before the week is out it is expected that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will be confirmed as the first African American woman to serve on the Supreme Court. The certainty of that was underscored the other day when Sens. Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski announced they would vote favorably for Judge Jackson, joining an earlier indication of support from Sen. Susan Collins.

Even if they balk on their promise and the vote proceeds along partisan lines, Judge Jackson would still be confirmed because the decisive vote would be cast by Vice President Kamala Harris.

As we go to press the senators are presenting their views on the candidate after the Senate Judiciary Panel tied on its vote 11 to 11, and Senate Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer discharged her nomination from the committee and placed the proceedings in a full Senate vote.

Hence, our celebration here is presumptive but no less an acclimation of her as highly qualified to replace Justice Stephen Breyer, a superb jurist for whom she was a clerk.

This monumental moment comes in the wake of the passing of the Emmett Till Bill and former President Barack Obama’s appearance at the White House to bolster President Biden’s plan to improve the Affordable Care Act.

All of the clamor now in process in the Senate is no more than GOP members speaking in the tongues of men with no love and is but merely a resounding gong and a clanging cymbal of futility, to paraphrase a biblical quote. In short, they are without love, and therefore have nothing, and certainly no words or actions that can usurp Judge Jackson’s ascendance to Justice Jackson.

Let us be among the first to cheer her arrival in SCOTUS with the understanding that she will continue her remarkable record of jurisprudence, making all of us proud, all Americans proud, that we finally have someone there whose presence and decisions we believe will be in accord with those of us who are truth seekers and fair-minded in our opinions.

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