When you apply yourself to complete something or build an empire, there’s no stopping. Short breaks, light nutritious meals to replenish the body, and exercise help to release tension in the body. When one is equipped with knowledge of self, it assists you in your mental development, social environment, and spiritual growth. Life is full of experiences for you to gain wisdom and insight on your journey to prepare you for life lessons. Surrender and allow the inside power to direct you and detach from emotional habits that deprived you from moving forward. You can be a force to be reckoned with once you believe all you need is you and your faith with serenity. “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” Maya Angelou

Capricorn: What makes a cake taste delicious? Is it the ingredients, or the amount of pressure you apply stirring the mixture to create a fine texture? Consistency is the drive that excites your inner passion to see results. Take notice of the details provided to you without overlooking the process of discarding, instead usher in a new profound development with ease and harmony. Kick around the caboose as things will come to pass. Patience is key.

Aquarius: Fascinating discussions offer you more insight, adding a new technique to your repertoire of recalling early childhood experiences and beliefs. This is a phenomenal cycle to express your feelings in partnerships, and the things you do creatively. Grab a metaphysical book of your choice to read and just know that what you say everyone may not understand. They will catch on later.

Pisces: Sudden action occurring within your profession is likely to take a different path for the better. This is part of the building blocks to keep striving and walking beyond the rainbow. It’s those sweet and bitter moments, taking time out to count your blessings, be thankful for your journey, and the faith to keep walking through. Keep abreast of upcoming events during this lively week.

Aries: You may feel the adrenaline rush of thriving to do something you’ve been dreaming and envisioning. Shoot your best shot like you’re playing basketball on the court, or like the best quarterback strategically playing to score. It’s on you to elevate yourself to the next step. Think in terms of investing in you. Are you investing 100% or about 89%? Aries, remember the word pioneer is to be the first to break records along your path and generations. After all, Aries is the first of the zodiac signs.

Taurus: Finding out the truth requires you to just set back as things unravel. An epiphany of future scenes, conversations, upcoming events, and the most remarkable one is where you meet your higher self in some shape or form. Give praise and thanks to the Divine Creator for allowing you to strive for greatness while taking a leap of faith. Look for unanticipated finances, deals, and something extra special from your spouse, mate, or significant someone.

Gemini: This cycle themes are finance, romance, family, profession, as well as self-care on the frontlines. It’s a time for settling old debts or unresolved issues that surface this week. Remain calm as there are two sides to every story; then there’s the middle one which changes the perspective of your outcome. You can now see results in your appearance, dietary regimen, and commitments you made back in the third week of January. Review all documents before signing on the dotted line. The organization is the key also when disputing facts and figures with reliable dates.

Cancer: When the wind blows, and blows your hat off your head, as you chase after it, it’s like the ideas in your mind slipping away from you. Keep a pocket notebook to jot down information, phrases, and developments for your new creation. This is a time to stop shifting and wavering on your gifts and continue to build. Leave the frustration at the door and instead make a move on a new brief physical workout plan.

Leo: It’s time to play the tape, review the video, recorded to drive you down the memory lane of your process, appreciating every step of the way. As you replay the tape, emotions may spark from within, standing as a witness and a walking testimony to encourage others on the way. There are no mistakes in life. Only life lessons to gain and prepare you for the next assignment. Open the dialogue and give yourself a hug as your bond becomes stronger and stronger from within.

Virgo: Are you planning a family trip or a personal vacation to restore balance, relaxation, and rejuvenation? After the vacation, it’s time to prepare and complete the next upcoming project. Take advantage of the process to gather all the facts, details, and editing of your work before the debut. Fulfill any family, be they prior and past obligations, before leaving home. Think of educating yourself on investing in real estate, stocks, and bonds, to reserve for future generational wealth.

Libra: This week is a cycle to develop your craft and give life and meaning where people can fill in the gap by the information you provide. You have to get better at being you and appreciate the person you see in the mirror. You’re on a soul mission, and there’s an inner force with direction navigating you in your darkest hour. First, surrender the outdated programs that once worked, then walk with faith to allow the divine universe to guide you. It’s gone be alright.

Scorpio: The bosses of the bosses play a role this week, be it those who wear suits or white coats. A decision needs to be made, or simply allow nature to run its course. Your time is tied up this productive week working on projects and filling in the missing blanks. You’re making power moves to elevate yourself with the tools and skillsets that can build your foundation. Allow bygones be bygones to catch the next train or flight moving upwards and onward. All aboard.

Sagittarius: This week there may be an unanticipated shift in areas of health, home, work, and community services. Health challenges may surface. Do follow up on doctors’ visits and take notes of the information given whether it’s critical or for your own awareness. Pack to relocate or rearrange the home and discard any unwanted items. Incorporate a health plan that helps circulate the blood in your body. This would include relaxation techniques such as yoga, jogging, hula hooping, jumping jacks, push-ups, cardio or jumping rope.

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