There was a glorious return of the Colgate Women’s Games, the nation’s longest-running Track & Field series for girls and women. Following a pause because of the pandemic, the series has resumed events this spring, hosting its first outdoor series competition in its 47-year history. The competition kicked off April 3, 2022 at St. John’s University, DaSilva Field in Queens, New York.

The mission of the Games remains the same: to continue creating pathways for girls and young women to pursue their educational goals, and achieve their personal and athletic potential.

Two preliminary meets were scheduled to determine the competitors who qualify for the semi-final and final meets, taking place at Icahn Stadium on Randall’s Island in Manhattan on April 16 and April 24, respectively.

Trophies and scholarships from Colgate-Palmolive Company are awarded to top place finishers in each age/grade division. At the end of this year’s event, nearly 5,000 scholarships will have been awarded to Colgate Women’s Games winners.

Meet director, Cheryl Toussaint, an Olympian and Colgate Women’s Games alumna, was ecstatic about the Games’ return stating, “We’re thrilled, nearly 1,200 competitors plus their families, friends and coaches packed DaSilva Field and endured intermittent rain showers throughout the day to take part in the event. These young ladies are so dedicated and committed to being the best they can be and we are so happy to support them in this effort. There were many notable early-season performances too!”

All point scorers advance to the Semi-Finals and top point scorers advance to the Finals which are held at Icahn Stadium on April 16 and April 24, respectively.

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