Blessings, rewards, compensation are coming in increments, from the Divine and the unseen work that you do. What skills do you have that have been proven to be a service to others? Faith is required to walk this journey with a plan in mind and receive the outcome you envisioned. When a dream or thought is given the process is not included. The process is the journey, along with the experiences of getting uncomfortable and setting short or long-term goals to reach your destination. How much time are you willing to invest in your gifts, skills, and talents? Research is required along with consistency. When you start, you don’t know what’s up the road, and your faith, goals, and the ability to show up for yourself are key. “Sometimes we’re tested not to show our weakness, but to discover our strengths.”

Capricorn: When choosing the words to express what you’re thinking and often feeling at times you may find there’s no definition to describe the notion. It is what it is! This cycle is to acknowledge your innermost feelings and visions, and concepts that come to you without a doubt in your mind. Trust the process and know the Divine is walking alongside you and is showering you with downloads instantaneously. This is a week to be inspired and motivated to continue working on self-development to enhance your progress of elevation. Believing in the supernatural is part of our spirituality in life which is part of folks’ inner knowing and guidance.

Aquarius: This year begins with applying new concepts, terms, and conditions on your present agenda. This is the cycle in which you can feel the fruits of your labor, preparing to soar away from the nest. You’re ready to fly on your own operating in a new direction. There’s a window of opportunity awaiting you, and you’re the perfect candidate, speaker, or guest to share your expertise and knowledge. Categorize and organize your business and personal inventory to assist in finding things sooner rather than later.

Pisces: You’re in a cycle this week where you need moments of solitude to clear your aura and space. Allow the information to come to you rather than asking around. This is not a week for your friends or associates to just pop in on you. Rather, it’s a time for reflecting, traveling near the water or vacationing near the beach, sand, to watch the sunrise and sunset. Details of your next meeting, partnerships, and itinerary are provided by the universe giving you clues for your upcoming schedule to be filled in. Be open to receiving when they do, and there’s no need for questioning higher sources. Just ask for it and know it will be delivered.

Aries: This cycle week is a tug here and a pull there. People are giving you advice wanting you to assist in their agenda. Follow your heart, and listen to the direction it’s pointing you in. What do you want to do? Where do you want to be? When are you going to decide for your own regarding matters of the heart? In life, taking a risk on your passions will open doors to an exciting new adventure when you’re ready to embark. Take the lead and follow the schedule of your plans.

Taurus: Self-reflection is a great tool to see the changes in how far you’ve come and from where you began. What’s the next project on your mind? Thinking about traveling long distances or working from work with those who are long-distance? This is an awesome week to suddenly take a retreat and then get back to the business of tackling your tasks with ease. The main ingredient for you this week is looking out for number 1.

Gemini: Impatience gets you nowhere. Practicing the art of patience and gratitude helps you understand the process. Count your blessings daily. Show your appreciation, not just on days when you want to show up, but also on days where you’re being guided to do so. Attend to any family or business matters, and visit nature for peace of mind. Visiting and respecting nature gives insight into yourself and grounding. Nature is also a reflection of humanity, playing out in different ways. Any health scare or close calls that may arise are to get you in alignment with your body in the process of your journey.

Cancer: Matters of the home, heart, and partnerships appear to be swirling all around you at once. You may be contemplating in your mind how you can address these issues. It’s simple! The “how” is about you, and once you think or talk it out, then apply yourself. You can resolve any solution by turning inward first, instead of outward to figure it out. Set aside time to withdraw while releasing the old for the purpose to carry you on your next journey.

Leo: All forms of relationship and partnership matters are taking a turn for a greater cause to serve humanity, which is an expansion of your next stage on your path. At times some changes are slow and lagging; it’s all for your betterment. There’s still missing information, so pay close attention to the details for confirmation, since everything’s not always said, nor shared. Short travels, opportunities, investments, branding, marketing, and other entities of yours are hovering in your space this cycle.

Virgo: Information that was received during the first week is taking form this week, in the physical form. You can feel, sense, hear and find your intuition is greatly heightened. Things that you’ve been on the verge of ending, are now on their way to completion. Once the cycle ends, that’s the cue to move forward on your progress. This cycle week you have the gift of gab by encouraging, and inspiring family, friends, associates, and other people from all walks of life. Lead the way.

Libra: The unanticipated may show up like water running, which is a form of the law of attraction. People, things, items, and conversations enter our lives for a season, reason, lesson, and a blessing. How you treat the circumstances will be your lesson, or a blessing teaching you in disguise. It’s your week to retreat and discover a stage of your journey where you travel from the depths within for the answers you seek.

Scorpio: Mental and emotional balance is required due to the demands of obligations, priorities, and other tasks at hand. Structure is needed to carry out your mission as well as following up on personal and business-related matters. This cycle may give you the feeling that things are against you. But it’s a test of your endurance, due diligence, and perseverance through any obstruction.

Sagittarius: This is a week to review any paperwork, also legal documents before signing on the dotted line. Partnerships and relationships may be in question as to revise an agenda that was agreed upon in light of missing details, or just newly acquired information. It’s your time to visualize the outcome of your dreams, and what needs to be done. Work on gathering all the resources needed to develop and make them a reality. Follow your dreams. You’re a scholar and information comes to you.

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