The MTA holds on to their COVID-19 mask mandate despite a federal judge in Florida tossing out the Center for Disease Control’s federal requirement to wear masks on public transportation.

In a statement released Monday, MTA Communications Director Tim Minton said, “The mask requirement on public transit in NY remains in effect for now pursuant to a March 2, 2022 determination by the New York State Department of Health.”

Masks remain required for all passengers and MTA employees on subways, buses, Metro-North and the Long Island Railroad. Minton added that the agency is continuing to follow CDC guidelines and will review the Florida court order.

The MTA began requiring riders to wear masks in the city’s public transit system in April 2020. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, ridership on subways and buses saw a dramatic decrease, however, riders were sometime crowded together on public transit despite social distancing guidelines.

Free masks continue to be available at most transit stations.

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