Everything is in and out of the circle of life, which takes shape and gives meaning to enhance a concept of what already exists. The process of growth itself is one to examine and study, as you would see your life in a reflection taking the same shape and form. This cycle week is about receiving your blessings and expressing your gratitude to the Divine Creator while continuing your journey. The universe works in the way of camouflage, cloaked beside you, and is the source of your inner knowing of things you know without proof which aids as an advantage in the physical realm. You’re living proof, picking up the facts and figures to make use of this world. “I am living proof that uncertainty is vastly underrated and oftentimes a blessing in disguise.” Tony Shalhoob

Capricorn: You may have to tie up loose ends by operating your foundation on a shoestring without overkilling your investments now. Use your discernment as others are patiently waiting to connect. You’re better off working in silence than maneuvering with people who drain your energy like freeloaders. Folks will come to you with their agenda involving your skills and yet haven’t checked with you. It’s a damn shame! Don’t agree with anything not in alignment with your agenda. This is where the 5 W’s come in handy as to how you’re working on your development. Surround yourself with people heading on the same accord by elevating higher. Begone, Pookie & Ray Ray! Your time is extremely valuable, Cappy.

Aquarius: The irony of your current circumstances may baffle you at times, especially in a time of change. Opportunities come by the dozens, like buses running like clockwork, and birds chirping in the morning. Physically, mentally, and spiritually, there’s a golden streak of opportunities if you’re willing to fly away from the mother’s nest. Comfortability is cool until you’re aware of your potential, gifts, skills, talents, and artistry. Once you’re aware you’ll begin to see how people see you. Live from the heart and follow your passions. The yellow and white pavements on the road are the separation of boundaries between lanes. Know your boundaries.

Pisces: This is a week of putting in the work and allowing this cycle to pay off handsomely, like looking in the mirror. Don’t you just love yourself? This is just the beginning of blessings, as the end results begin to manifest just before Jupiter fully makes its transit into Aries in December. Take note of the information of what occurred in your life and continue to build. Apply the footwork and leave those people who want to ride your coattails alone. Brush that dust off your shoulders. You have a major task to complete by December.

Aries: Change, travel, and the liberty to do as you please, as people may approach you with golden opportunities this cycle. Decipher what you need, and not what you want just for the hype. Do what’s in your best interest and seize the moment. If there’s been something on your heart to do, then do it. This is the week to put yourself out there with all your imperfection as no one is perfect. The sun is shining on you granting access as you walk by faith. Self-motivation has a drive that leads you when you acknowledge it. Do the unthinkable with the ideas you have in mind.

Taurus: Energy flows where your focus goes, and so does water. Water is energy. What do you say or what are the thoughts on your mind before quenching your thirst? With Mercury and Uranus in your signs, your intellectual prowess may be going bananas with astronomical concepts, and your intellectual property is in high demand. However, they must pay for your services just like buying a cup of coffee or tea to start the day.

Gemini: Consciously you’re in awe of how things are playing out. That’s right, take note and penetrate a word of caution in your daily affairs. When Mars goes retrograde in Gemini this upcoming October 30, 2022, review and revise your past behaviors, health or legal matters, and replay conversations for the purpose of jogging your memory. You may find yourself picking up the piece to fit the puzzle and forming new ideas for further projects. No would’ve, should’ve, could’ve! Address the issues at hand and take accountability. This is the little engine that could, so use your brainpower and muscles to move mountains.

Cancer: Who or what seems to be stirring your pot, is the topic for you this cycle. You like to stir other people’s pot, yet when it’s come to folks stirring yours, things get twisted like the game Twister. How many chefs can there be in your kitchen cooking, and telling you what to put in your food? Also, can you be a team player in the game of Twister? Can you bend here and there to land on the right colors? Go easy this week as the things you seek are right in front of you. You’re holding yourself back.

Leo: You are the helper this week as well as handling business affairs and seeking counsel for yourself. This month and week are slowed down intentionally to get you to see, feel, sense, taste, and hear with your senses involved. Once you see it, the light is turned on for you to work your magic like never before. What are the features and amenities that are being offered to accommodate the services you need to enjoy the fruits of your labor? This cycle, commit then make the necessary adjustments to see the effects.

Virgo: Matters of the heart and mind are having their own meeting. Where’s your heart leading you to do, go, or stop at a moment’s notice? That’s your intuition guiding you to where you need to be without a doubt in your mind. This big bang theory of yours must be tested, and you’re the perfect tester to test and see how it works. Make the call, and schedule a roundtable discussion for another round of information to spread the word. Folks like to sample before they buy or commit.

Libra: Things can go a bit haywire this cycle with things not being confirmed. The process can be a bit lengthy, as a wait-and-see game. The jokes are on you this time testing the waters for you hoping you catch your own drift. A dose of your own medicine, actions, and words is on you. Allow things to naturally play out without force or manipulation to see what’s in store. Be kind to yourself, and the truth you seek will reveal itself in due time.

Scorpio: When the air blows, it’s to assist in directing the heat to cool off things for a second. Once the sun comes out, it’s generously shining all its glory. Are you ready to be noticed, or be put on notice? This cycle is on you and the people reaching out to help you as you’ve been there for them. When people show up for you it’s an indication of how important you are to them. Lift your chin up! You have a chance to lead with a great cause and do it well.

Sagittarius: Destiny plays a role in this cycle, one where you must dig deeper to find within you the depths of your soul. Only you know what’s in store for you. You can feel, see, dream it, and if you look in the mirror, it’s you in the flesh. There’s nothing for you to do but just apply yourself. You’re equipped with the knowledge that makes people either listen, take notes or skip school due to the heat being turned on. It’s time to revamp how you operate now.

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